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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Now Eliminate Cravings and Make High Protein Diets Taste Delicious for Fast, Easy and Healthy Weight Loss

Diet Doc’s specially formulated, prescription hCG treatments increase fat metabolism, eliminate cravings and work seamlessly with a high protein diet so that dieters quickly reach their healthy weight loss goals.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2014 -- With the New Year behind everyone, dieters all over Texas are ready for a healthy weight loss program that will truly help them lose weight and keep the weight off for good. And, research has shown that following a high protein diet not only increases fat metabolism, it also reduces cravings for unhealthy, fattening foods that can disrupt dieters’ attempts at healthy weight loss. Now, Diet Doc has developed their new, high protein diet plans that allow their clients to see healthy weight loss results more quickly because of their exclusive prescription hCG diet treatments. These specially formulated treatments work seamlessly with a high protein diet to help dieters see excess, embarrassing fat rapidly melting away. Thousands of dieters across the United States, including many dieters in Texas, have already begun their Diet Doc prescription hCG diet plans and have successfully lost weight, with some losing up to almost a pound of fat per day.

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Unlike their competitors who offer generic and outdated hCG diet plans, Diet Doc’s team of healthy weight loss experts work individually with each client to design a high protein diet specifically for their personal dieting needs. Once dieters choose to begin losing weight quickly, they only need to contact a Diet Doc physician for an initial phone consultation. During this initial consultation, the physician will identify the client’s underlying causes of weight gain, causes such as an internal imbalance, improperly functioning internal organs or emotional overeating. The physician will then recommend and prescribe healthy weight loss aids, perhaps a prescription hCG diet plan, that work seamlessly with a high protein diet plan to provide clients with the fast results they want.

Dieters will each receive a one-year prescription for treatment options designed to target their specific causes of weight gain and can order their supplies during an initial consultation and have them shipped directly to their home or office for immediate use. At any time during their healthy weight loss program, if dieters have questions about their progress, they can schedule an immediate consultation to receive guidance and support. And, because clients’ healthy weight loss aids can be modified at any point, physicians are actually able to increase the speed that dieters achieve their fat loss goals.

Once clients receive their healthy weight loss aids in the mail, they will begin incorporating them with their high protein diet. Because Diet Doc’s team of weight management professionals understand that most dieters do not have a health or nutrition background, each client will also begin working closely with a certified nutritionist who will educate and counsel them on the importance of healthy eating. Clients will learn which food items are appropriate for a successful high protein diet, but which also taste wonderful and leave them feeling full and satisfied. And, to enhance their efforts at healthy food preparation, each client will receive an exclusive copy of Diet Doc’s cookbook that is filled with over fifty pages of delicious, nutrient rich recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once their prescription hCG diet plan comes to an end, Diet Doc clients will easily be able to sustain their weight because of the extensive education they received.

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