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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Reveal New hCG Weight Loss Survival Kits That Allow Dieters to Lose Belly Fat Quickly and Easily

Diet Doc’s weight management experts have just released new hCG weight loss survival kits with everything dieters need to stop debilitating hunger and rapidly eliminate weight to lose belly fat.

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Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2013 -- Diet Doc created their exclusive hCG weight loss survival kits to help dieters in Louisiana overcome intense cravings that can cause even the most well-intentioned diets to become disrupted. And, while Louisiana dieters are shelling out thousands of dollars to lose belly fat quickly, Diet Doc survival kits are available to clients for less than $75 per month. Once dieters decide that they are ready to lose belly fat with Diet Doc’s hCG weight loss programs, they will consult with a specially trained Diet Doc physician, will receive a one-year prescription for supplements and fat burning diet pills and can order their survival kits to be shipped directly to their home or office.

Within each hCG weight loss kit, clients will receive a one-month supply of specially formulated MCT oil that will induce the patient’s body into a state of ketosis, wherein the patient will begin burning stored body fat for fuel. Because many dieters have become accustomed to consuming high amounts of processed carbohydrates, their bodies have come to rely on those carbs for energy. But, Diet Doc’s MCT oil, along with other natural appetite suppressants, can help clients reduce and eliminate their carbohydrate intake and encourages the patient’s body to burn stored fat for energy instead. And, in addition to MCT oil, Diet Doc’s hCG weight loss survival kits also contain a specially formulated shake, dressings and seasonings and diet bars that target stored body fat while assisting in appetite control to lose belly fat.

Because of the proven results seen with Diet Doc’s hCG weight loss programs, many of their clients have chosen to order the two month supply survival kit with double the items that help patients lose belly fat quickly, plus an added bonus of multi vitamins. While many dieters may have not taken multi vitamins in the past, incorporating these into a diet plan will help to ensure that patients are receiving all the essential elements and minerals that they need while being able to lose belly fat. And, clients who order their two-month hCG weight loss survival kits can now receive twice the power to lose belly fat for 25% off.

Diet Doc’s exclusive dieting survival kits provide their clients with everything they need to overcome cravings that can disrupt diet programs and assist their clients in experiencing a successful diet plan to begin leading a healthier, more active lifestyle.

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