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Diet Doc’s powerful hCG diet treatments were created by utilizing advanced scientific research that has helped these programs become the nation’s leader in medical weight loss plans.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- Parents today are ready to set a better example for their children and are taking the steps necessary to improve their figure as well as their weight-related health. But, with the numerous diet programs being advertised in the media, choosing a medical weight loss program that is right for the dieter can be confusing and frustrating. Fortunately, Diet Doc considered that dieters across the United States suffer from many different causes of weight gain and designed their medical weight loss programs to address these personal, unique diet needs. Each new client will work closely with a network of physicians, nurses and medical weight loss experts to create a tailored hCG diet program that not only allows them to reach their initial fat loss goals, but also provides them with the skills necessary for sustaining their weight over time.

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Diet Doc’s hCG diet protocol is one of the few updated versions of this medical weight loss program available today in the United States. Unlike their competitors, Diet Doc is dedicated to the health, safety and success of each client and only utilizes the most advanced scientific research within their hCG diet treatments. While other diet plans encourage their clients to follow a dangerously low, 500-calorie per day, caloric intake, Diet Doc recognized the inherent risks that arise when consuming too few calories and used modern science and medical advances to improve their treatments. Now, Diet Doc patients are able to consume a diet of almost double the caloric intake of other medical weight loss programs and still rapidly lose weight.

Dieters who are ready to begin a legal, legitimate and effective medical weight loss program only need to make a quick phone call and speak with a specially trained and licensed physician. During this consultation, the physician will identify any underlying causes of weight gain, such as an internal imbalance or improperly functioning internal organs, and will recommend and prescribe appropriate treatment options that can easily be shipped to the patient’s home or office. And, because the Diet Doc team understands that discussing this personal information can be embarrassing, this initial consultation, and each consultation following, will take place in the comfort and privacy of the patient’s own home.

Diet Doc clients can feel confident that one they begin their hCG diet program they will experience a significant decrease in their appetite and will begin seeing excess, embarrassing fat melt away. Unfortunately, many hCG diet companies advertise illegal and ineffective homeopathic hCG treatments that will not provide dieters with the results they desire. Because Diet Doc is committed to not only helping their clients achieve the figure they want, but also to reaching their goals quickly and safely, they only provide their clients with prescription grade hCG that is effective and legal.

For nearly a decade, Diet Doc’s medical weight loss programs have been helping dieters across the United States lose weight quickly and easily. Their advanced hCG diet treatments, along with a dedicated network of physicians, nurses and weight management experts, have helped to make them the leading choice for losing weight.

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