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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Reveal Superior Metabolism Diet Programs That Use Prescription hCG Levels for Fast Weight Loss

Diet Doc’s new, exclusive metabolism diet programs offer dieters prescription hCG levels to target belly fat, increasing the speed that dieters burn stored fat, for faster and easier weight loss.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2014 -- Following the gluttony of the holiday season, dieters in St. Louis are eager to discover the solution for fast weight loss and have been finding success with metabolism diet plans that increase fat burn for quick and easy results. Now, Diet Doc offers their clients exclusive metabolism diets with prescription hCG levels that target belly fat, increasing the speed that dieters burn, or metabolize, stored body fat for rapid weight loss. Thousands of dieters across the United States, including many dieters in St. Louis, have already found great success with Diet Doc’s metabolism diet programs and have been able to quickly lose weight without any negative dieting side effects because of Diet Doc’s powerful, prescription hCG levels.

Unfortunately, as people age their metabolism, or their ability to quickly burn excess fat, can steadily decrease and could contribute to extensive weight gain or other weight-related heath issues. But, after beginning Diet Doc’s exclusive metabolism diet program, patients will experience a significant spike in their metabolism and will begin seeing fat melt away from their stomach, thighs and underarms. Once dieters are ready to take control of their holiday weight gain, they only need to contact a Diet Doc professional and schedule a phone, or internet, consultation for a time that is convenient for them. Diet Doc’s weight loss professionals remain available for unlimited consultations, six days per week, to answer client’s questions about their metabolism diet plan, offer suggestions and recommendations for faster weight loss or simply provide encouragement and support during the client’s weight management journey.

During their initial consultation, dieters will speak directly with specially trained physicians who can identify underlying causes of weight gain, such as an internal imbalance, improperly functioning internal organs or, as is often the case, a slow metabolism. The physician will then begin creating a personalized metabolism diet around the patient’s age, gender, health history, and lifestyle preferences. Each patient will also receive a one-year prescription for weight loss aids, diet pills and treatments containing advanced hCG levels to increase the speed that they are able to see results and eliminate negative side effects of dieting, like cravings, fatigue or weakness.

Unlike competitors who use homeopathic hCG levels, levels considered by weight loss experts to be much too low to produce any substantial results, Diet Doc’s team of weight management experts only utilize prescription hCG levels that are effective in providing rapid results. While competitors refuse to update their research, Diet Doc has modernized their hCG levels using today’s advanced science and medical understanding and, because of their progressive take on weight loss, have become the nation’s leader in medically supervised weight control programs.

In a recent in-house survey, an overwhelming majority of Diet Doc patients, 97%, reported being able to quickly and easily lose weight without any negative side effects or harmful consequences sometimes experienced with dieting. By eliminating cravings for unhealthy foods and increasing energy levels with supplements containing vitamin B, Diet Doc patients are able to see fast results with little to no effort on their part.

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