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Diet Doc’s prescription hormone diet plans offer natural, safe and rapid weight loss to help reduce the risk of experiencing serious flu related symptoms.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- The dreaded flu season is once again upon us. Carrying excess weight can compromise the immune system and can allow viruses like severe cold and flu to more seriously affect those struggling with obesity. There are several simple precautions that everyone should take, including frequently and thoroughly washing hands, trying to stay clear of those already infected with the flu virus, visiting the doctor or clinic for a flu vaccine and, now, losing weight. A study performed at the University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill, and reported on by Diets in Review, revealed that carrying excess weight can impede the immune system by interfering with the body’s ability to mount a sufficient immune response to the flu virus. Even the common cold can last longer and result in more severe cold and flu symptoms for those that are overweight. During an influenza pandemic, it is very common for flu vaccines to become scarce, forcing patients to be qualified by a physician to receive the vaccine. Because the flu vaccines can take several months to develop and manufacture, including obese individuals very seldom makes it to the top of the priority list.

Typically beginning in October, the flu season can last throughout the entire winter and, once infected, flu symptoms can last for weeks. During this time, several strains of the flu virus develop and continue to infect people, especially those with compromised immune systems, including those who are overweight. Making simple steps now to lose excess weight before the flu season hits with a vengeance, can help many to avoid developing the flu virus and even lessening cold and flu symptoms.

Decades of scientific fast weight loss research have enabled the professionals at Diet Doc to help Americans avoid countless weight related diseases, including suffering serious complications of the flu virus, by losing excess weight. By combining nutritious and nutrient rich diet plans that are uniquely designed to be specific to each patient’s individual nutritional, lifestyle and medical needs, with Diet Doc’s 100% pure prescription hormone, patients are losing excess weight and looking and feeling better than ever before.

The professionals at Diet Doc have developed their prescription hormone diet plans that are founded on the principles of generating fast weight loss by promoting the safest diet plans available. By manufacturing all prescription hormone products and weight loss supplements in their own fully licensed, United States based, FDA approved pharmacies, the company can be certain that patients are receiving only the highest quality ingredients.

Each patient’s life changing weight loss journey is supervised by Diet Doc’s team of board certified doctors, nurses and certified nutritionists and progress is monitored through scheduled weekly checkup calls. This level of personalized service has resulted in Diet Doc becoming the nation’s leader in safe and successful weight loss with thousands of dieters boasting the rapidly noticeable loss of pounds and inches from the typically most difficult to lose areas, such as the belly, underarms, hips and thighs.

With the ability to reach those in even the most remote locations in the country by utilizing the most current technology, qualified prescription hormone patients can begin their own personal weight loss journey by simply dialing the phone or logging onto the computer, avoiding time consuming and costly visits to local weight loss clinics. For added convenience, all prescription hormone medication will be rush delivered directly to each patient’s door.

To improve overall general health, to look and feel better and to avoid developing serious complications and worsened cold and flu symptoms, call the experts at Diet Doc today to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

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