Joe Bragg Aims to Help Visitors Lose Weight in As LittleAs 23 Days


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2012 -- The HCG weight loss diet has become popular throughout the world. The HCG diet involves combining the power of HCG hormones with healthy diet and exercise to produce weight loss results. Following the HCG diet is relatively straightforward, as dieters need only place a few drops of HCG diet solution under the tongue in order for it to take effect.

One website wants to bring the power of the HCG diet to the United Kingdom. promises to provide amazing results in as little as 23 days. The website caters to those who are ready to lose weight in a healthier, easier, and more effective way.

A spokesperson for explained why the site chose to support the HCG diet:

“We’ve researched all the other diet options out there, and we feel that the HCG diet offers the best combination of weight loss results and personal safety. As such, our website is designed to educate visitors about HCG diet solutions in the United Kingdom.”

In addition to educating visitors about HCG diet UK, shows visitors how to purchase HCG diet drops. The website promises to deliver HCG diet drops within 5 days, meaning prospective dieters can start to transform their bodies as soon as possible. also discusses the benefits of the HCG diet and other weight loss plans. It suggests that dieters can amaze their friends, wear their old clothes again, and feel better about themselves in as little as 23 days. In addition, claims that the HCG diet is a relatively easy diet to follow because its appetite suppression features curb cravings for food.

The website notes that the HCG diet is not a magical weight loss pill. HCG dieters won’t transform their bodies by sitting on the couch and eating whatever food they want. Instead, the HCG diet involves using special drops to suppress the appetite. With the appetite firmly suppressed, dieters consume 500, 800, or 1200 calories per day until weight loss results are achieved.

The website also features testimonials from those who have had success with the diet in the past. Visitors can read these testimonials to understand what to expect while taking the HCG diet and how they can prepare themselves before they begin. wants to educate prospective dieters in the United Kingdom on the success they can achieve while following the HCG diet. With direct links to HCG diet retailers, the website seeks to make weight loss as easy as possible for those in the UK.

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