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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- YouTube videos are undoubtedly popular, with some of the most famous examples, like Gangnam Style, gaining more than eight hundred million views. It is not surprise then that there is a large demand among online users to be able to download YouTube videos, including many favorites by PSY, Lonely Island and more. One site, www.hdyoutubedownloaderfree.com, has been gaining significant attention from YouTube users for providing a free seamless download facility. The free service includes support for High Definition videos and is far ahead of other web-based solutions as the software operates from the desktop.

HD YouTube Downloader is freely available to download and install, and uses the processing power of a user’s computer to increase the download and conversion speed that can take so long on web-based alternatives. The converter allows users to download an unlimited number of videos, with no premium restrictions.

The software has been designed to be clean and minimalist, with an easy to use user interface allowing individuals to make selections of their preferences. The software has an in built video converter that allows videos to be reformatted to suit the device upon which it will be played, and has support for a variety of resolutions including full HD. The software has one-click installation and allows individuals to queue downloads- creating a list that can be managed automatically and requiring less attention and resources from users.

The software is easily downloadable from CNet, and their own website gives a clean and clear introduction to the product and its features using high quality imagery and informative infographics.

A spokesperson for the product explained, “Even with 4G internet, data prices and limited coverage, and the much reduced speeds of 3G mean that individuals can make savings on their mobile internet bills and still see their favourite videos by downloading them, creating playlists and watching them offline. When downloaded for private use without the intent to distribute, there is no harm in this practice as it simply enables individuals to get same free access to material without having to be online- perfect training journeys, bus rides, showing friends on mobile devices and more. Our free youtube downloader hd has been designed to be lightening fast but also simple to use. In tests eight year olds have been able to convert videos with no assistance at all, this is testament to the software’s design.”

About HD YouTube Downloader
HD YouTube Downloader makes downloading YouTube videos simpler than ever before. The one touch installation, easy to use interface, in built converter and HD support make it the best available tool for downloading YouTube videos for use on portable and mobile devices. For more information please visit: http://www.hdyoutubedownloaderfree.com/