HDRlog Sarl Engages KAnalysis for Patent Licensing


New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/29/2016 -- HDRlog, a young innovative company has engaged KAnalysis Consultant to monetize its patent related to a new HDR imaging methods. Inspired by astro-photography techniques, HDRlog has developed a unique image processing technique to create HDR images from video sequences. Our innovative technology is opening new doors in terms of shooting possibilities, removing the constraints of movement in HDR photography. While this new method for creating HDR images goes hand in hand with aerial photography (constant movement, high-contrast scenes and loads of video frames to use), it is also a valuable tool for photographers and videographers looking to extend their shooting possibilities. HDR+ can be used to get highly-detailed pictures in low light situations, turn video highlights into stunning pictures, convert series of images taken in burst mode into HDR pictures, recover old video footage and even create HDR videos from standard video files. Together with Kanalysis' research and business team, now HDRlog is opening its technology for licensing purpose and will invest this revenue in further development of technology.

HDRlog has the French granted patent FR2996034 titled "English translated title: Method for generating high dynamic range image representing scene in e.g. digital still camera, involves generating composite images by superposition of obtained images, and generating high dynamic range image using composite images". The patent is granted for the jurisdiction France and having a priority date of September 24TH, 2012 (application number: FR20120058915). The granted patent FR'034 basically discusses about the next level of HDR (High Dynamic Range) Technology which is presently used in all major smart phones, television, smart pads etc.

FR'034 is invented by Dr. JOFFRE JACQUES, an experienced photographer and co-founder of Photomatix Software. Thanks to his solid computer knowledge, Jacques Joffre has focused on virtual photography since the early developments in multimedia technologies in his country. In 2002 he oriented his research towards HDR photography and was at the origin of the Photomatix software development.

About KAnalysis Consultant
KAnalysis is an Intellectual Property boutique firm with offices in Italy, UK, and operations based in India. Since 2007, their specialized IP counselling has been assisting global clients in protection, enforcement, commercialization, and research related to patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, geographic indications and domain names. The team comprises engineers and patent attorneys having diverse experience in myriad of industry verticals. Their exclusive focus on IP enables them to consistently provide responsive value-driven client experience every time.

For more information on KAnalysis, visit the website: http://www.kanalysis.com

About Dr. Jacques Joffre
Jacques Joffre is a French professional photographer for more than 25 years. He currently lives in Montpellier, in the South France region of Languedoc-Roussillon.

His works have been published in many photography magazines such as "Zoom", "Photo Magazine", "Chasseur d'Images", "Photo Revue" and "Photographiques". His illustrated reports have been used in periodicals such as "Diners Club Magazine", "Atlas", "Airone", "Phosphore", "l'Express", "le Nouvel Observateur", "Lui" etc.

Several examples of those publications are available on his personal Web site, and can be viewed at his website: http://www.joffre.com/jacques/

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