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He Loves Me to Death: Author Sonovia Alexander Announces Lavish Launch Party for Timeless Literary Series

With the first two books of the ‘He Loves Me to Death’ series achieving critical acclaim, author Sonovia Alexander plans to formally launch the books with gusto at a dazzling New York launch party next month. With some of the region’s top authors and entertainers in attendance, it’s the perfect night out for the perfect literary project.


Saint Albans, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2013 -- Sonovia Alexander may be working full time and busily bringing up four beautiful children, but it hasn’t stopped her from becoming a literary force to be reckoned with. In fact, Alexander’s ‘He Loves Me to Death’ series is widely picking up pace as a series that could soon be competing with its genre’s best-sellers.

To formally celebrate the launch of the series, Alexander is today announcing a stunning launch party set to take place on August 9th. Held at The Harvest Room in Jamaica, New York, the event will also serve to promote a number of other local authors and entertainers.

“In attendance will be Author Bernard Blue Rowell, Author Donna Nettles, Author DemoneAngel, Author Derik Martin, and Author Geri. All of the authors were inspired by me to start their very first novels,” explains Alexander.

Continuing, “The entertainers in attendance will be Lashawn Wright, Shani, Ulysses, Tizzy, and Dashawn Moore. There will be food and drinks and it's a true black and white affair!”

The synopses for both books highlight why the series is proving so popular.

He Love Me to Death: The Key to His Heart - Leona, a young woman that got ahead in life by keeping her head into her books has planned out her life to be a successful attorney one day. She has fulfilled that dream by studying and getting in college at the age of 15. Leona life seems perfect when she meets and marries a Sergeant. One thing Leona forgot to tell her husband was in her past life, she did something that she regrets and is now she is forced to reveal her painful past to her husband. Find out what happens in this tale.

He Loves Me to Death Part Two: Broken Hearted - The continuation to He loves me to death, the key to his heart. Leona will lose some of the people that she loves in place for her own life. The man that she thought she loved had his own secrets that will have your head spinning once revealed. Eric, Leona's son is caught into this twisted love affair but finds out that one of the secrets involve someone that he has in his life. Find out how this tale turns out.

“The story is incredibly important. So many people out there have had to give up their child in pursuit of a better education and career. It isn’t that they are being selfish – but rather that they only want the best for their child and didn’t feel they could give it in their current situation,” Alexander says.

“I want to send out the message that even though young girls make the mistake of having a kid, their dreams doesn't have to end. They can be anything they want in life and sometimes the best decision could be one that they feel might not be right at the time but when you have a support team behind you, you can make it in life and be all that you want to be.”

With the book’s popularity expected to increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

Both books are available now from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1by44zQ

Event Details:

Date and Time: August 9,2013. 20:00 – 00:00 HRS.
Location: The Harvest Room 159-15 Jamaica Ave, Jamaica NY, 11432.

About the Author: Sonovia Alexander
Sonovia Alexander is 32 years old from Saint Albans, NY. Sonovia has been writing since the age of 7. It is a dream of hers to get into writing movies. Sonovia has written 7 novels in total and one screenplay entitled A Pastors Downfall. Sonovia has been a self published author for the last 2 years and will continue this journey until she makes history. Sonovia is a spiritual woman and a mentor too many. She encourages people to walk in their calling as an author. She has helped a few writers write their first novel and published them. She is admired by most and loved by all.