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He Takes the Cake: Self-Confessed Dessert Lover Whips Up Whimsical New Guide to Online Dating.

Vicki Penzell has produced the ultimate upbeat guide for newly single women who want to reinvent themselves. As Penzell’s own life journey prove women can enjoy the icing on top of the cake at any age!!


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2012 -- Millions of women around the world have their own agenda for rating dates. For Floridian Vicki Penzell, her lifelong love of desserts has also provided a tasty rating scale to call her own. Having used her home-baked system to great effect, Penzell has compiled her experiences into what could be world’s most unique dating guide.

‘He Takes the Cake’ provides a tasty opportunity for women everywhere to dive deeper into the world of dating than ever before. Presented as a whimsical guide for women who have undergone a life change and need a dollop of re-invention, Penzell’s book provides the ultimate recipe for success.

“As far back as I can remember I nicknamed people as desserts. First there was my neighbor who was the Devil dog, he loved to play with dirt and was always getting into trouble. Then there was Marty from fourth grade who always ate Moon Pies for lunch. His face started to look like a moon,” says Penzell. My best girlfriend would call me a Ring-Ding since that was my favorite tasty treat. As I matured so did my love of discerning delectable desserts. Sorry, but the Ring Ding wasn’t as exotic as a chocolate layer cake made fresh from the local bakery, so I only ate Ring Dings when I wanted a quick sugary treat.

She continues, “Fast forward forty -something years later and I decided to use this method to describe my dates.”

‘He Takes the Cake’ is a biography of those experiences, along with some advice for cooking up a love affair that would make even Betty Crocker proud.

“I came to learn that having a few bad experiences with online dating didn’t mean life will always be that way. It’s a numbers game that, just like a good recipe some will flop or may not meet your standards, so follow your heart and believe that everything will work out well in the end,” she adds.

As a testament to the book’s content, Penzell recently received the following review:

“Vicki has talent. If this were a show on TV, audiences would be texting in votes to promote her to the final round! She is a gifted author, speaker, and cook whose talent for discovering new ways to teach people better way to a happier more fulfilled life shines through in her new dating-cook-book ‘He Takes The Cake’.”

In her true treat-centric style, Penzell offers some parting advice to potential readers:

“During my dating period I had fruitcake dates, a crumb cake dates, sponge dates. Finally, the wedding date came along. There are millions of people meeting online and getting married. You can have success too, and the icing on the cake is up to you!” she concludes.

He Takes The Cake’ is available from all book retailers.

For more information, please visit the book’s official website: http://www.hetakesthecake.com

About the author, in her own words
A Native New Yorker born who graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor of Arts. Studying education and psychology gave me insight with people’s personality and how those influence how we live our lives. I’ve been fortunate to see that life is what you truly make of it. You can be a victim of your unfortunate circumstances or forge forward and take those life lessons to make hay when the sun shines. My philosophy has been,” Live while you’re alive ”! Each chapter of your life is opportunity to grow spiritually and get the most from you experiences. When life gave me a chance to mix my passion for food and the opportunity of meeting new people I got my own brand of zany true stories and dessert recipe from date. My good fortune finally arrived after I must have spent more time in the kitchen baking and at least fifty or more dating episode. I was ready to throw in the towel. My wedding cake date came along in the nick of time. I would sing the words “Bring me a higher love”, and finally he appeared. I’m pretty much like most of you woman who have much to be grateful for but life feels fuller and richer because I have my best friend by my side!

Creativity and a sense of humour has made me chuckle even at my darkest days. When I was going through my divorce I wrote my first screenplay “Leapfrog”. My mind was engrossed in the words and images that I was creating which truly helped me to cope in ways I can’t even describe. Live the life you want with the passion that is inside of you!!!! Be Here Now!!!
Love is the slice of life we all can’t get enough of.