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He Touched Me: Raw & Heartfelt Memoir, Based on Author's Early Life of Abuse and Tragedy, Proves There Is Life After Trauma

After an early life fraught with rape, prostitution and drugs, Ms. Goldie Reed decided to break her silence and devote her life to helping others find hope. Now travelling the country to share her stories with others, Reed marks the next chapter in her mission by compiling her life story and wisdom into a compelling new book. ‘HE TOUCHED ME: My Life, My Tragedy, My Triumph’ isn’t an easy read, but could prove life-saving for those failing to find light in life’s tunnel of despair.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2014 -- Just like millions of other children, Ms. Goldie Reed longed to be ‘daddy’s little girl’ and embrace the boundless opportunities of childhood. However, with no father in sight, she looked for parental love elsewhere. What ensued was two decades of experiences so traumatic and unfair that Reed resorted to suffering in silence with no hope in sight.

However, having proudly broken her silence and embarked on a mission to share her story with the world, Reed’s popular concerts are helping others transform their own lives from victims to victors. Everything is exposed in ‘HE TOUCHED ME: My Life, My Tragedy, My Triumph’ – a memoir that is as shocking as it is important.

Reed’s story starts at the beginning of her life, recounting a search for fatherly love at the age of five that turned into molestation and bullying – giving her no opportunity but to run away aged thirteen.

By the age of nineteen, Reed was a prolific drug user and prostitute, still unable to escape the rape and abuse of the men she associated herself with. In and out of jail and with two attempted suicides, Reed finally accepted that her entire identity had been lost to the world around her.

“This is when my life-changing transformation took place,” says Reed. “I boldly decided to forgive myself and others; to fight for my life and face the music. It was a long journey crippled at times by Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, but I am still alive and on a mission to help others.”

Reed now spends her time travelling across the country to share her story at juvenile halls, group homes, rehabilitation centers/Narcotics Anonymous', church/youth events, convalescent homes and even prisons.

“It all comes down to my decision to break my silence. I was afraid of what others may think, and even if they would believe me at all,” Reed adds.

Continuing, “However, I quickly learned that I was not alone and this is a message I share from the heart when I meet people. No victim or survivor walks life’s path alone and I will be a voice for each and every one of them until they take a stand. I have come to recognize that there is life after trauma. This is the message my book imparts with abundance.”

‘HE TOUCHED ME: My Life, My Tragedy, My Triumph’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1kxFBxU. The book can also be purchased from Amazon: http://bit.ly/1kjur0l.

About Ms. Goldie Reed
Ms. Goldie Reed is an inspiration to many. She travels around the United States reaching out to all communities, providing free concerts and sharing heartfelt testimonies. Ms. Goldie is a survivor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Her mission is to bring hope and to remind people that there is life after trauma.