He Who Has Ears - Elder Cedric Pruitt Hosts One of the Newest National Christian Talk Shows Online


Belleville, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- In difficult times, people need to have strong faith. Without it, life seems hopeless, a sad place filled with negativity and no desire to strive for betterment. Simply put, life is nothing without faith in God. There has to be a Divine Being who is responsible for all that goes on around us. This is what the sermons from the Holy Bible are preached to the people through a radio show titled He Who Has Ears.

Aired on Blog Talk Radio at 6pm (EST time) on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the show is hosted by Elder Cedric Pruitt. Elder Pruitt became a full time pastor in 2002. After going through many hardships in life, including illness, several amputations and finally making it to a full recovery later, Elder Cedric Pruitt shares his insight of life and the knowledge of the Bible to help people re-grow their passion, positivity, and have a better outlook of their personal endeavors.

Living for others and doing good deeds no matter how others treat a person are some of the lessons that Elder Pruitt discusses. He asks people to search for God not only in times of need but also when they have been blessed with all the goodness in life. He asks people to be thankful and to continually try to understand their purpose of existence.

The program also has a live caller section where people can call and talk to Elder Pruitt about matters pertaining to life, issues related to parenting, raising kids, marital problems etc. Callers can also ask questions from the knowledge of the Holy Bible. Elder Pruitt tries his very best to answer and give relevant responses to the callers for all their problems. He also tells people to treat hardships as a test of their faith and handle the worst with determination and zest.

Having a positive outlook towards life can work wonders. It is the ability of the mind to re-create the good thoughts into even better actions, with the right amount of motivation. One should always try to become better and improve his or her stance in life, in relationships with other people and also in the way they perceive their own selves. To cut it short, He Who Has Ears is a program that instills divine inspiration, goodness and raise people's faith to keep believing in the Lord Almighty and His Will.

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