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Global Head Mounted Display Market - An Overview of Products, Market Trends, and Key Players


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- The global head mounted display market which in the year 2011 was valued at US$324.7 million is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 55.3% thereby reaching a value worth US$9275.4 million by the year 2019. A head worn display device that consists of a small display optic in front of either each eye or even just one eye is known as head mounted display. A virtual environment appears in front of the wearer's eye via the display optic. The overall display experienced by the user improves with the help of this device due to the presence of immersive displays and non-immersive displays.

Communication and navigation technologies like Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) and Global Positioning System (GPS) are generally used for bettering the monitoring and guidance systems in head mounted display. Head mounted displays these days are efficient in terms of speed and weight and they provide a range of services like navigation, internet access, GPS, and interface for smartphones. The growth of the head mounted display market can be attributed to greater technological advancements.

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Global Head Mounted Display Market - Segmentation and Application :

Fundamentally, the global head mounted display market is segmented into two main categories which are "look at" head mounted displays and "see-through" head mounted displays. The former enables the wearer to see the computer generated image which is projected by the head mounted displays, whereas, the latter creates the superimposed version of the computer generated image. Interestingly, the "see-through" head mounted displays create superimposed computer generate images that are set against a real world setting. However, the global head mounted display market is segmented on the basis of applications, components, products, end-use, and geography.

Head mounted displays are mostly applied in areas like imaging, security, tracking, training and simulation. On the basis of components, the global head mounted display market is segmented into Pico projector, goggles, computing, relay optics, battery, control unit, head trackers, control unit, accessories, and other components which include microdisplays, controller, combined mirror, and helmet. Based on products, this market is classified into helmet mounted display and head mounted computing/wearable glass. On the basis of end use, the global head mounted display market is categorized into the consumer market, defense services, and others which basically includes sports, automation, safety services, design, medical practices, and police force.

Global Head Mounted Display Market – Market Drivers, Regional Analysis, and Key Participants :

The global head mounted display market is driven by rising demand for portable, compact, and wearable computing devices that have led to the comeback of head mounted displays. It is anticipated that in the forthcoming years, this market will be fueled by higher penetration of head mounted displays in the consumer markets along with lower prices of constituents like microdisplays. Microdisplays refer to one of the many components within the Near-To-Eye devices that along with the optic system provide high quality and magnified image.

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Geographically, the global head mounted display market is segmented into North America, the Asia Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World. Due to high demand for wearable computing devices in the region, and greater technological developments, the global head mounted display market in 2012 was led by North America. It is however expected that this market will be dominated by the Asia Pacific in the forthcoming years owing to high demand from the medical services market and the consumer market. Also, as per industry estimates, the consumer market segment in the global head mounted display market will witness robust growth in the years to come. Rising demand for these devices can be attributed to improved display technologies with high resolution, and 3D view.

The prominent players operating in the global head mounted display market are Kopin Corporation, Sony Corporation, Vuzix Corporation, Universal Display Corporation, Thales Group, Sensics, Inc., Rockwell Collins, Inc., NEC Corporation, Forth Dimension Displays, Seiko Epson Corporation, eMagin Corporation, Elbit Systems Ltd., and BAE Systems Plc.

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