Healing Sounds and Trance Dance - A Week of Self-Discovery Through Dance & Movement at Cortijo Romero


Amersham, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- The Courage of the Butterfly is a metaphor for the cycle of self-transformation, moving from egg to lava, cocoon and finally the beauty of the butterfly. Each stage is a birth or rebirth; a transformation. At Cortijo Romero we invite our guests to discover how to move beyond self-imposed limits, using a mixture of tools based in dance, art and the natural beauty of the mountains of southern Spain. It is an opportunity to find out who they might be, open their wings and fly!

It is a common thread in modern life: something is holding us back. In this course, the Courage of the Butterfly at Cortijo Romero the guests are encouraged to hand over their resistance to change, and surrender to the wisdom of the body by dancing it into movement! Whatever is stuck needs to move and be expressed - and then the natural life cycles can flow unhindered, allowing for continual renewal and transformation.

‘The use of the body through dance and movement, without any mental or verbal process involved, allowed me to access very quickly useful information about myself in relationship that it might have taken me much longer to access.' Javier Rodriguez, Clinical Psychologist.

While there is time to dance, there is always time to relax at Cortijo Romero - the perfect location to just ‘be’, in the pool under the palm trees or in the gardens or meditation room. This is place to share beautifully prepared vegetarian meals and experience a simple and wholesome way of life that calms and nourishes the whole being.

The Courage of the Butterfly 10th – 17th August

About Rebecca Faro & Fiona Primarolo
Using an eclectic mix of authentic movement, trance-dance, creative writing and art, ritual and healing sound, this course invites us to step out of the mind and into the open space where change can happen.

Rebecca is a choreographer and performs in dance and theatre. She is our popular resident dance teacher, running weekly sessions at Cortijo Romero as well as workshops in the U.K. Rebecca uses expressive movement as a powerful tool to unblock our own innate body wisdom, allowing our creative potential to flow.

Fiona is an art therapist, artist, photographer and yoga teacher. Studying yoga since 1993, she teaches in the tradition of Krishnamacharya and uses gentle flowing movements together with sound and breath.

The centre staff each have many years’ experience in personal development holidays, and can offer advice and support on courses and other aspects of the work at Cortijo Romero: Call 01494 765775.

About Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero is nestled in the glorious mountains of the Sierra Nevada in southern Spain. For 20 years it has been run as a personal development centre committed to giving people much more than just a wonderful holiday. An idyllic location, hidden within an ancient olive grove and cradled by magnificent mountains, Cortijo Romero is the perfect setting to unwind and discover your truth.

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