Healing the Child Within: Noah Rothschild LMFT and Crisis Counselor Danielle Delaney on "The Real Deal with Danielle Delaney"

Danielle Delaney will interview Noah Rothschild LMFT, renowned Psychotherapist and inner child Expert and Speaker, and Contributor to the book "The Alcohol and Addiction Cure" by Chris Prentiss & Pax Prentiss, co-founders of Passages Malibu Addiction Cure Center which is the world's leading holistic recovery center. Noah was lead Family Therapist at Passages Malibu for over 7 years and developed a unique approach to treating addiction. Noah Rothschild will be a Guest for Danielle Delaney's show "The Real Deal With Danielle Delaney" airing live on July 12, 2016 at 2pm PST/5pm ET on VoiceAmerica's Empowerment Channel (http://voiceamericaempowerment.com)


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2016 -- Noah Rothschild will speak with Danielle Delaney about his own personal history and background, including his specializing in helping clients to remove emotional mental blocks that are perpetuating their cycle of addiction and how he empowers them to live their best lives. Noah will discuss his holistic approach, involving 4 key components that will be dissected and talked about in detail.

About Danielle Delaney
Danielle Delaney is a Certified Crisis Intervention Counselor, specialist in Addiction & Recovery Aftercare, Rape Crisis Counselor, and is also a Sober Coach and an Interventionist. She also specializes in the area of Adults Molested as Children as well as LGBT issues and drug-assisted rape and survivors of domestic violence. With a decade of experience, Danielle works with individuals, families and couples seeking healing and resolution of their challenges, and helps them to more clearly see the path to their holistic wellness and to their higher selves. She hosts "The Real Deal With Danielle Delaney" on VoiceAmerica, the World Leader in Internet Media, on Tuesdays at 2PM PST.

Danielle is the President and Founder and CEO of a prolific sober companioning business, Danielle Delaney Counseling, Incorporated. DDC, Inc. provides registered nurses and companions to patients as they are being discharged from inpatient facilities and sober living homes, so that they may have invaluable assistance in beginning their lives again with structure. The companion aids in identifying and addressing stumbling blocks in the client's lives that contributed to their difficulties and addictions. Danielle Delaney has the distinction of being the youngest and the only woman of color to own a Sober Companioning business in the United States of America. She is soon to be featured in a "Top 50 Under 50" piece about American Female Entrepreneurs.

In addition to her work as a counselor and as an Interventionist with numerous inpatient facilities internationally, Danielle maintains her private practice in Hollywood, California and works with crime survivors with the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) for The City of Long Beach and works as a State Certified court advocate. She works as a volunteer on the hotlines for suicide and rape. Her practice as a concierge counselor often involves going to the homes of high profile individuals so that they may maintain their privacy whilst seeking help. Danielle can be found listed in Psychology Today. She is also a writer and is a contributor to numerous health journals including those for the Minority Health Institute, The Association of Black Cardiologists, and the National Medical Association, and has been filmed for a segment for the television series "The Doctors." Her first book "Expect Delays" will be released in December 2017. She works with the boards of The One Wish Foundation and The Joyful Heart Foundation, and was on the Board of Directors for Dr. Frank Ryan's Bony Pony Ranch Foundation for at-risk youth. The County of Los Angeles Office of Protocol has hailed Danielle as a "proven asset to the City and County of Los Angeles." She has made numerous appearances on Radio MD, Rewired Radio with Erica Spiegelman, and appeared on five-time Emmy winner Sheila Hamilton's radio show in Portland. Danielle's media, voiceover work and appearances can be found under Delangerous Productions.

Danielle holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from UCLA and has earned additional certifications at the Sexual Assault Crisis Agency in Orange County. As a survivor herself, she is uniquely qualified to understand and assist her clients. Through her work and contributions, Danielle is dedicated to assisting people in affecting enduring & beneficial changes in their lives and in making sense of the chaotic world around them.

About Noah Rothschild
Noah Rothschild LMFT, is a renowned recovery expert, inner child expert, and speaker. With two decades of experience in addiction, he specializes in helping his clients to remove emotional/mental blocks perpetuating their cycle of addiction and empowers them to show up and live their best lives. He holds a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Loyola Marymount University and is Certified Teacher of Integrative Body Psychotherapy (a holistic body mind Psychotherapy).

In 2004, Noah became a featured author in the book, The Alcohol and Addiction Cure, written by Chris Prentiss, founder of Passages Malibu Addiction Cure Center (the world's leading holistic recovery center).

At Passages, he was Lead Family Therapist for over 7 years and developed a unique approach to treating addiction. His holistic approach, involves 4 key components:

1. Power. You are POWERFUL and inside of all of us resides a powerful core. As a child we may have felt powerless, but as a grown up, we all have the power to show up and create our best life. Underneath most substance dependency is a lifetime pattern of codependency/agency (giving away one's power to fix, please, or caretake another). Addiction is an obstacle that can only be overcome when we consciously choose to reclaim our power and be true to our self.

2. Belief. Thought is the creative force in our life, What we think becomes the story of our life. Past unreleased negative beliefs/emotions stored from our earliest preverbal experiences in the womb and early years of our life are what eventually gave rise to our addiction. Freedom comes from removing these negative beliefs/emotions and replacing them with positive life affirming thought.

3. Child. True Recovery lies in reclaiming the child within. Left to its own devices the child will find the same people and painful circumstances that have generated our addiction hoping to get it right. Unfortunately, the child can no longer get a 'fix" by finding someone or something out there. You are the one the child has been waiting for. This child is the most powerful portal to release past pain, discover/recover self love, and reclaim the joy necessary to live a sober life. Noah gives practical tools and techniques to connect with and rebirth this child.

4. Presence. The Present is the only point of power in life. In this moment we have the power to either recreate the past or make a new life affirming choice. Presence involves learning how to be comfortable with navigating the different emotions that arise on the sober path. It also involves developing a natural sense of well being in the body, so that you can find your inner power when times get tough. The quickest way to master the art of feeling and returning to well being involves utilizing your breath. Noah utilizes breathwork to release stored negative emotion from the body and teaches breathing exercises that can be used on daily basis to live a joyful sober life.

Noah lives in Topanga Canyon CA with his wife Elizabeth, two sons Jacob and Levi, and their two guinea pigs. His psychotherapy practice is located in nearby Santa Monica, where he also conducts telephone or skype sessions for clients outside of the greater los angeles area. He is a gifted speaker and singer/songwriter, who has presented at Conferences and to general audiences speaking on the topics of Substance Abuse, Healing The Child Within, Codependency/Agency, Adoption issues, Family therapy, Mindfulness, Breath Work, and Body Mind Psychotherapy. He is currently writing a book on his holistic recovery approach.