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Health and Body Helps Americans Warm Their Way Through Winter


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2017 -- As consumers get ready to brave the winter season, many are turning to Health and Body Store to find the heating products they need to keep themselves and their families warm and comfortable this winter.

Health therapy is an excellent and affordable way for consumers to effectively manage the muscle soreness and stiffness that is often characteristic of the fall and winter seasons. The company provides a unique line of Venture Heat products and gives consumers a convenient way to buy at-home heat packs online.

For those who live in climates that see harsher winter weather, muscle soreness and joint pain may be considered a part of everyday life. Cold weather causes muscles to lose heat, which results in contraction. This is the source of the stiffness that many Americans report when spending even a small amount of time outside. This stiffness can cause a loss of flexibility, which can lead to pain hours after exposure and even injury.

Heat therapy products from Health and Body Store can help to relieve the pain of post-cold exposure. Their Venture Heat line uses Far Infrared Rays (FIR) technology to penetrate muscles deeply and treat soreness from the root. Herbal packs from Nature's Approach have also become popular this winter, as they combine the soothing fragrances of aromatic spices with the heat needed to soothe muscles.

Anyone interested in Venture Heat products to deeply soothe muscle pain or are looking to buy herbal heat packs are encouraged to visit Health and Body Store online at

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