Health and Fitness Fanatic Jon Kelley Seeks Funding Assistance via Kickstarter to Start Manufacturing BodyboardX Workout Device

BodyboardX promises to be the most simple and comprehensive workout device in the world.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2014 -- BodyboardX is a fun and simple home workout system that focuses on core toning and strengthening, offering a full body workout. This device will offer an innovative solution for anyone to build muscle, tone the body, and reduce fat. This versatile workout device is easy to store, and can be used comfortably at the gym or in the home. The project team led by Jon Kelley is looking to raise $80,000 for the successful completion of this project.

BodyboardX has a unique design that requires users to rock back and forth gently, improving their body’s balance and strength in the process. Most importantly, this device can be used by almost every user to achieve a full body workout. BodyboardX’s unique design utilizes the science behind the human body’s proprioceptive system, balance equilibrium, and the planes of motion. Without any strain or discomfort, BodyboardX users will be able to tone muscles, built core stability, strengthen abdominals, and improve balance/ posture within very little time.

The funding budget of $80,000 will be spent by Jon Kelley and his team to meet the following expenses.

- Engineering and tooling cost: $ 45,000
- Manufacturing, freight, duty fees, taxes, and shipping cost: $28,600
- Kickstarter fee and Amazon credit card processing: $6,400

Any funds received beyond the target of $80,000 will be spent on

- Marketing and promotional efforts for business development.
- Development of BodyboardX mobile app.
- Development and production of different workout videos with various instructors.
- Inventory.

Depending on the availability of funds from Kickstarter, team BodyboardX has created the following production timeline for the project.

- October/November: Crowdfunding
- December: Tooling and manufacturing.
- January: Production/assembly
- February/March: Freight/customs/shipping/and fulfillment.

This Kickstarter campaign will end on Sunday, December 7, 2014.

More details about this campaign is available at

The official website of BodyboardX is

About BodyboardX
BodyboardX™ is an exciting, and fun to use full body workout device. BodyboardX’s design allows the user to gently and safely rock back and forth, for improved strength and balance. One can achieve a full body workout, which focuses on the core, delivering trimming, toning and neuromuscular benefits. BodyboardX can be used at the gym or in the comforts of home, even while watching TV.