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Health and Fitness Workouts Recommends Water Exercises

Swimming and water exercises improve mental and physical health


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2012 -- As part of its seasonal push, Health and Fitness Workouts is urging the public to try water-based exercises. Water enables more people to treat exercise as leisure, the site emphasized. This may be attributed to the fact that exercises in water could be less strenuous and pose a lower risk of injury.

“Hydrotherapy or water exercises present a barrage of benefits. They offer an enjoyable option for individuals looking to increase physical activity and add variety to their current regimens,” Health and Fitness Workouts founder K. Chatman said.

Scientists have determined a link between water exercise and enhanced mental health. They consider it a natural mood enhancer, anxiolytic, and antidepressant; particularly for individuals diagnosed with fibromyalgia and expectant mothers.

Mr. Chatman pointed out that water exercise can alleviate arthritic joints, if not help restore their use. It may reduce pain from osteoarthritis and protect against rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. It may also help strengthen bones of women in post-menopause.

“Older adults should try water exercises, which can increase mobility at a time when it is most needed,” K.A. Chatman proposed.

Those with severe joint conditions may be compelled to exercise in water rather than lift weights. Water acts naturally as resistance, sans the impact of fitness equipment.

“In fact, the moves you perform with your dumbbells have equivalents in water,” Mr. Chatman said.

One water-based resistance training routine is to place one’s hands, palms facing front and fingers closed, to the hips and slowly flex the arms toward the shoulders. This move targets the biceps.

Another example is immersing underwater up to the neck, holding out the arms to the sides, drawing the hands together as if to clap, and parting them again. This targets the shoulders and back.

“Pay attention to your posture and position all throughout as water can crook them. Avoid stretching, bending and moving any more than you would out of water. Distribute your weight and tuck your abs in,” K.A. Chatman advised.

He also stressed the importance of warm-up and cool-down sessions, which can also be done underwater. He also suggested aquatic aerobic exercises according to one’s weight loss workout plan.

“Gravity works differently underwater but one can get used to these physical activities with enough repetition,” Mr. Chatman concluded.

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