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Health and Fitness Workouts Reports Physical Activity Can Widen Distance Between Women And Breast Cancer

Breast cancer risk decreases with more exercise per Long Island study


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- Exercising most of the week and maintaining a healthy BMI may reduce women’s risk for breast cancer, research shows. During a breast cancer study, it seemed that women who exercised around two hours a day for five days a week were less likely to develop cancer than those who were less active or inactive. This was the case no matter if the physical activity was intense or moderate or involved the use of home fitness equipment.

"More individuals in the scientific community are stepping forward with proof that lifestyle changes can either reduce or perhaps prevent the onset of cancer. Since exercise has several benefits and preventive measures, it should be a normal way of life for most if not all health-conscious individuals,” said K. Chatman of Health and Fitness Workouts.

The study also determined that women who were physically active from their reproductive years onwards, even following menopause, were ~30%+ less likely to develop breast cancer than their sedentary counterparts.

“Breast cancer typically manifests late in life. However, women should start exercising consistently as early as possible. Thus, they can derive comfort from the fact that exercising at any point in their life can still generate health dividends,” Mr. Chatman added.

Weight gain can easily spoil the anti-cancer benefits previously achieved. Usually additional weight stored after menopause comes in the form of visceral fat, crowding abdominal organs, and thereby contributing to less than ideal insulin levels and magnifying the risk for cancer. According to the study, sedentary women who put on six more pounds at menopause have a greater chance of acquiring breast cancer than more active women.

“Estrogen, the hormone that facilitates appearance of tumors for ER positive breast cancers, is responsible for manufacturing fat cells. In this thinking, weight is quite proportional to the risk for cancer. Obese and overweight women tend to have higher levels of estrogen increasing their breast cancer risk,” K.A. Chatman concluded.

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