Health and Nutrition Coach Helps Pregnant Woman to Get Through Pregnancy Without Pounds


Utica, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- Health and nutrition coach Michelle Moss states that over 50% of pregnant women feel fat and not very attractive and do not like the way they look during their pregnancy. That was the reason for her to create a simple system she calls " Pregnancy without Pounds." For the past 8 years, Michelle was the best online expert on fitness during pregnancy and now for the first time ever, she is reaching out to all pregnant women who want to feel sexy. Michelle created a complete system that will help every future mom look fit, toned and healthy.

Many women have a lot of questions during their pregnancy. Most of them are about what to eat, what exercises are safe to get healthy pregnancy or how to avoid stretch marks and much more. After her extensive research, she found that nutrition plays a huge role in how women look and feel during pregnancy. She says: "When you have a big belly, feel nauseous and have aches and pains – the last thing you feel like doing is getting up off the couch to cook a healthy meal or even think about what you should be eating." And that is why the Pregnancy without Pounds starts with nutrition.

The future moms think that being pregnant and stay in a great shape is hard. But hundreds of satisfied clients, that bought the Pregnancy without Pounds system think otherwise. Here is what a fitness instructor and proud mom Pam Cosmi said about Michelle's program:

"It's tough to teach me anything about fitness that I don't already know. I have been in fitness for 22 years, have taught choreography and strength training at group fitness conventions in over 25 countries and have an MA in Health Education. I usually have to go to the World conference to get updated. Books rarely give me new info, but Michelle did a great job and I learned TONS from her."

Most women will always think, "Does this really work" or "There is no way I can have great body," but by reading the stories of moms, who thought exactly the same thing, many women will start thinking otherwise. The most important part of any advice is to act on it. There is no point of reading any great information about something and forgeting it the moment you close the book.

Here is what Lynn Parker said:

"Thank you, Michelle, for helping me to have a wonderful pregnancy!! Though I was already a marathon/ultra-marathon runner before I got pregnant, I used your nutrition guide to help me maintain my activity level and maintain my baby’s health!"

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Summary: Usually pregnant women are frustrated and depressed about the way their body looks during their pregnancy, but with the right nutrition advice, safe exercise routines and personal advice from health and nutrition coach Michelle Moss and her Pregnancy without Pounds system, it is possible to be fit and have healthy pregnancy or delivery.

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