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Health and Nutrition During the Holidays


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 -- Holiday meals bring out favorite dishes that are only prepared once a year including sweets, creamy soups, and plenty of pie at family gatherings. But instead of stuffing ourselves with guilt, below are some tips to monitor nutrition and stay on track with dieting during the holiday season.

As many gatherings are table centered, consider offering colorful berries, or ripe seasonal fruit over cookies, cakes, or other desserts. Many low calorie options can satisfy a sweet tooth, and leave room for the main course later on.

During the main meal, a person should take samples of everything that appeals to them, but keep the portions small. Think spoonfuls rather than heaping piles. This helps control satiety, and can keep one from overindulging. Remember, just because there is more food available doesn’t mean it all needs to be consumed.

When the meal is done, assist with clean up instead of sitting down and letting satiety and fullness take over the body. Dishes need to be brought in to the kitchen for washing and drying, leftovers need put away in containers; getting physical activity will not only burn calories, but can provide a mental boost for more engaging conversations and wiser food choices throughout the day.

Holiday meals don’t have to mean overeating. Monitoring consumption of sweets and candies in addition to high calorie stuffings, soups, and other traditional fare will aid in maintaining weight, and keep diet plans on track. Continuing any engagement in physical activity, whether it’s scheduling a morning run before mealtime or assisting with clean-up, will also burn calories and keep one focused on the end result – a healthier year-long lifestyle.

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