Health Author Says Ending Child Obesity in America Is a "Piece of Cake"


Pennington, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2012 -- There are many complicated expert opinions about why America’s children are becoming fatter, more diseased and emotionally unstable each year. Bullying, teen suicides and child obesity continue to rise. The solutions are often quite grandiose and expensive and unlikely to be undertaken in these tough economic times. Even if implemented, most wouldn’t solve the problem. That’s because most Americans were never taught the simple, common sense real root cause of most obesity and disease. There’s no mystery or magic to it at all. These 4 simple steps, detailed in Lean And Healthy To 100, can solve child obesity in 5 years or less easily, inexpensively and naturally.

Parental accountability. Your job as a parent is to teach your children what they need to learn to become productive, balanced and healthy adults. Buying snack foods, sodas and junk food for your children is not being responsible. Plus you’re rewarding companies that make these products. You’re probably listening to the “popular” health advice in America, which is mostly incorrect. You need to learn the correct common sense information once and for all - information that has truly stood the test of time for thousands of years.

School accountability. If your school sells and profits from any type of junk food in vending machines, it should be ashamed of itself. I know school budgets are strained, but making money from junk food is wrong on so many levels. If a school really needs to carry these foods to make money, then mandate that manufacturers create a “school version” that contains all the nutrients the human body needs and are made from only whole, natural food sources and nothing man-made. Students will shine in so many ways.

Teach parents and children the root cause. From 20 years of health research I’ve learned from experts that the root cause of obesity and disease is due to imbalances in the human body. The underlying real root cause of these imbalances is a lifestyle that does not honor how the human body really works or respects what it really needs. The proper lifestyle is composed of the proper nutrition and daily living habits that maintain and preserve this nutrient foundation and balances biological function. Without this lifestyle, biochemical imbalances occur inside the body at every level and begin to create the “symptoms” we call weight gain; addictions; cravings; emotional and behavioral imbalances; mood swings; learning problems; poor attitude, decision making or choices; disease and ultimately death.

Focus on the inside first. The fatal flaw America is making in terms of its health and obesity is that it is trying to solve health and weight problems using outside-in solutions like calorie counting, calorie restriction, willpower, dieting, etc. This is ineffective because it does not create natural internal balance. These are “unnatural” man-made solutions that do not respect what the human body needs or how it works. The secret is to balance the inside first. Then everything on the outside will naturally balance itself automatically.

About Gordon Filepas
Health author and father Gordon Filepas spent thousands of hours over a 20 year period researching the research of the world’s top health, anti-aging and longevity experts and long-lived cultures after his father and brother both died of cancer. He boiled down over 80 years of their research into the 7 daily steps that ultimately matter. He has recently partnered with the national charity The Beating The Odds Foundation to teach the information in his book, Lean And Healthy To 100, in schools to end child obesity. Gordon donates approximately $9 from every book sale to Beating The Odds Foundation when the book is purchased from this link: Individuals or organizations interested in helping to end child obesity in America can contact Gordon through