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Health Benefits of Seafood from Quayside Seafood, Singapore


Clarke Quay, Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2013 -- The Earth is comprised of around a third of land and nearly seventy percent salt water. No wonder that, in the universe’s infinite wisdom, seafood was made to be one of the healthiest types of food known to man. Quayside Seafood in Clarke Quay, Singapore, shares just why seafood is the perfect meal for your next trip to a seafood restaurant in Singapore.

Seafood contains many minerals, vitamins and proteins that our body needs. They are very rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins; all of which are essential for a human body to function properly. Omega 3 is one of the fatty acids that scientists and medical professionals believe to be responsible for the prevention, and in some controversial cases healing , of many chronic diseases like heart problems and even cancer. This may be due to the fact that Omega 3 reduces cholesterol and have many attributes that contribute to the healthy functioning of cells. And guess what, seafood is one of, if not the best sources of Omega 3. Health Organizations all over the world recommend that individuals should eat seafood at least two times a week for a healthy balanced diet and to reduce the risks and to prevent several forms of cancer, heart ailments, skin diseases, hormonal problems and even some forms of mental illnesses.

Some studies even show that seafood can increase aptitude testing results for IQ or Intelligence Quotient. Many cultures, even in the early part of the 1900’s where Nutritional Medicine wasn't even taught in colleges, believed seafood to be brain food. According to recent findings by scientists and doctors, women who consume seafood during pregnancy have a higher chance of boosting their children’s IQ or Intelligence Quotient by a big five points. That is actually a huge factor of whether a child is rated as of Average, Above Average, or of Superior Intelligence. And studies further show that children who eat a lot of seafood have a better chance of getting high grades and acing exams in school. On another point, groups of senior citizens who eat a lot of fish have been found to have lesser occurrences of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and other aging related mental afflictions.

Contrary to what some purist meat eaters believe, seafood can be really tasty if prepared well. Actually it doesn't take that many ingredients to prepare a healthy yet tasty seafood meal. Chili crab only needs some butter, cayenne pepper (they love to burn your mouth in Singapore), garlic, tomato paste, and a few basil leaves to prepare. On a side-note, recalling a friend’s adventures in Asia, some of the best crustaceans he said he has eaten are from seafood restaurants in Singapore like Quayside Dining…must be due to their proximity to the ocean, but the folks living on ‘The Little Red Dot’ really know how to impress with their cuisine from the sea!

All in all, seafood is a great tasting and cheap way to achieving a healthy and balanced body. You get the affordability (seafood is a lot cheaper than other forms of meat in most places), the availability (it can be bought almost anywhere), and the health benefits. Perhaps the reason why cats have nine lives is because fish is their favorite food.

The best crabs in Singapore can be found at Quayside Seafood, found in the heart of one of Singapore's hottest dining and entertainment precincts, Clarke Quay. They are long time Singapore Service Star members and also the longest absolute riverfront restaurant space in Singapore!

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