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Health Blog Hghenvy.com Launched, Aims to Share Scientific Information on Hgh and Health Products


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2012 -- To share the latest on HGH diet and other well-being uses, a team of HGH enthusiasts have launched a new health blog, Hghenvy.com. The blog contains scientific information about HGH and other health products.

Besides HGH, HGHenvy.com contains information on health and lifestyle products. The blog advocates the benefits of HGH and also provides scientific proof in the form of published research to support their theories.

Talking about the blog Mr. Victor Marshall says "In an age where everyone is trying to get fit and young, many new health and lifestyle products are being released every day. Most people today are not sure about what product to use or how the product they bought is going to help them. It is because of the vast number of products available online. We at hghenvy.com hope to help people get the best product for their needs."The website hosts scientific information about the Growth Hormone HGH.HGH is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration in humans. It is used as a prescription drug to treat growth disorders in children and HGH deficiency in adults. But recently it has gained a market in the fitness industry.

While the use of HGH by healthy adults for fitness and cosmetic purposes is being debated by experts, there is constant support from fitness trainers and professionals to the use of the Human Growth Hormone as a supplement. When asked about this Mr. Marshall said "HGH is completely safe for use, it has been extensively tested by many trainers and its benefits have been verified by scientists. Even celebrities like Sylvester Stallone have started publically supporting the uses of this hormone." Commenting about the future of the blog he said "We are planning to expand the blog further by adding expert product reviews. And we also plan to start an active discussion forum around life-style and well-being products."

About HGHenvy Inc
HGHenvy is a health and wellness startup operating from Sacramento, CA. Their main service – HGHenvy Blog has expert reviews on HGH supplements and other health and lifestyle products. The company aims to become an active discussion and feedback forum for all HGH and other wellness products.

If you’d like more information about HGH or to schedule a meeting an interview with founders of HGHenvy Inc, please contact Mr. Victor Marshall via email at contact@hghenvy.com