Health Blog Reveals How to Lose Weight in a Week Without Any Exercise


Clearwater, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- Losing weight isn’t as scary or impossible as it seems. However, it can be very off putting if a person strives and struggles at the gym for weeks and end up witnessing no definite weight loss results. The situation is both frustrating and depressing for men and women alike who wish to claim their dream figure and tone up an otherwise ‘bulky’ self.

So what can a person do to shed of the weight and still not break a sweat? The answer is simple and is most commonly found in the kitchen and fridge. Eating the right types of food can actually help burn more calories than the intake. As suggested by dieticians and nutritionists, eating small portions of meals all through the day is far more likely to help a person lose weight than intermittent fasting. The fasting deprives a person of energy, bounce and the cravings only add to the mental torture.

How to Lose Weight In a Week

FDS News published a wonderful article that helps people choose the correct food types to drop the pounds by changing their eating habits with no exercise involved, in only a week’s time. The secret behind the weight loss formula: Eating healthy and nutritious food.

A complete meal plan for the entire week is chalked out in the article starting for early breakfast in the morning to a heart dinner at night. The same menu is to be followed for the entire week, guaranteed to make a person lose up to 7 staggering pounds. Foods that contain protein, fruits and veggies are the only things allowed on the menu. Fresh juices, smoothies with low fat milk and plenty of water can be taken throughout the week.

For breakfast, the meal includes a healthy portion of fruit with a cup of decaffeinated tea or coffee. Morning snack can be a banana or any other fruit. But care should be taken not to have the snack near lunch time. For lunch, a big green leafy salad with either a piece of tuna or chicken for protein can do wonders, an ideal afternoon snack can be a small amount of almonds or walnuts or sunflower seeds even. Dinner is again a salad with salmon or chicken breast piece. If the meal plan is followed strictly all week, a person will definitely and happily lose 3 to 4 pounds.

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