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Health Blog-Website Reveals Green Tea Extract Secrets and Scientifically Effective Dosage


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2014 -- Leading health blog-website reveals effective dosage of green tea extract for weight loss. It also focuses on a dash of life, particularly success stories and potential side effects. Green tea has long been known as a beverage that induces calmness for drinkers but perhaps little is known about its lasting and effective weight-loss advantage especially if taken as a supplement.

Effective Fat Burner
Angela Smith's weight loss blog primarily focuses on the effectivity of green tea in the field of fat-burning while scrutinizing its many forms. Green tea has an active ingredient called polyphenols that activates the human body's thermogenic activity.

The technical term for polyphenols are catechins or flavonols. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition even published studies showing the fat-burning power of EGCG (a catechin found in green tea extracts).

For aspirants, especially since the summer season is just around the corner, green tea allegedly burns fat even in problematic areas such as belly fat. Catechins when taken regularly becomes the fat burning machine in a person's body. Aside from activating thermogenesis, it also aids fuller emissions of norephineprine, a hormone that burns fat.

Other instances of benefits include: increase in energy expenditure of up to 100 calories a day for women. This entails increased metabolism. Servings of green tea also helps the body absorb less fat by lowering lipid absorption. Lastly, it regulates or even halters production of adipocytes (or the fat cells).

The Effective Dosage
Citing clinical and expert sources, The American Journal on Clinical Nutrition, and,  this informative blog  has cataloged all the best information, avid tea drinkers can get from the right amount of dosage that ultimately aids in efficient weight loss.

3 servings of green tea can already help in metabolism. 2 cups in the morning is also effective while steeping the tea leaves for 20 minutes to keep catechins out. 200Mg of green tea extract per day is needed to achieve leaner results in as little as 12 weeks or roughly 4 months.

Although many health professionals also warn that weight loss is also dependent not just on the tea dosage but also a consumer's lifestyle and existing weight.

Side Effects
Unlike other chemicals, drinks or supplements, there has never been any convincing and scientific proof that backs severe side effects of green tea consumption. Although caffeine is high with the drinks, there are decaf formulas available and most practitioners would recommend the consumption of extract supplements instead to avoid the backlash of caffeine on drinkers with high blood pressures and heart conditions.

Health experts also warn about usage of supplements and advises everyone to mostly consume products with raw materials sourced and originally grown (this is better seen with the USDA Organic Certified Sign).

Started by weight loss buff, Angela Smith, she says she has tried every other product but none has the same effectiveness as green tea extract supplements. She has started this blog to keep awareness overflowing and share to anyone interested to gain the body figures they deserve.

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