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Health Care Barcode Technology Market: Regional Outlook, Led by Unitech Electronics Co. Ltd., Novanta Inc., Cognex Corporation, Bluebird Inc.


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2019 -- Global Health Care Barcode Technology Market: Snapshot

The increasing level of standardization across hospitals and healthcare centers has given a boost to the global market for health care barcode technology. Barcodes use parallel lines with varied levels of spacing to represent data that can be read with optical objects. Barcodes usually carry information about the object, item, or physical system on which the barcode is emblazoned. In some cases, patches of different colors are enclosed inside a quadrilateral to form a barcode. The advantage of using barcodes is that the information carried by them is unique for each pattern and cannot be accessed without using a programmed device. The healthcare industry is undergoing fundamental changes to anchor safe, agile, and more efficient operational systems. This has necessitated the need to use barcodes across hospitals and healthcare centers for a variety of purposes. Hence, it is projected that the global market for health care barcode technology would attract stupendous demand over the coming years.

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In order to delve into the intricacies of the market, the following segments of the global market for health care barcode technology have been studied in the report: application-based, based on type of device, and region-based.

A report produced by Transparency Market Research (TMR) outlines multiple factors that are prognosticated to augment demand within the market. The researchers of the report have cautiously studied the demand drivers within the market and have also documented the restraints that could hamper market growth. Furthermore, the opportunities that could be utilized by the market players to reap a greater market share also form an important section of the report.

Global Health Care Barcode Technology Market: Trends and Opportunities

During the past decade, several international bodies concerned with the healthcare industry have emphasized on eliminating medical errors. Hence, the usage of barcode technology within health care has gained momentum across several regions, which has escalated demand within the global market. Moreover, the time and expenses devoted towards managing patients, documenting data, and collecting information can be substantially reduced by deploying barcode technologies.

Several new drugs have been discovered, and it is impossible to identify and distinguish them without ascertaining a mark or code of distinction on each of them. Hence, barcodes have transcended as a practical approach for identification of drugs which reemphasizes on the relevance of the global market. Medication management involves adhering to the "five rights" during treatment viz. right patient, right medication, right dose, right time, and right route of administration. Scanning of unique barcodes designated for each patient helps the hospital staff in administering proper treatment. This is also an important standpoint that propels demand within the global market for health care barcode.

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Some of the non-clinical processes within the healthcare industry such as supply chain management, receiving orders, asset tracking solutions, and inventory control solutions also require the use of barcodes. Hence, the global market is prognosticated to tread along a lucrative growth path in the coming years.

Global Health Care Barcode Technology Market: Regional Outlook

The healthcare sector in North America is characterized by continual advancements and deployment of better technologies. Owing to this factor, the market in North America is expected to surpass all other regional markets in terms of revenue over the coming years. Other key segments include the Middle East and Africa (MEA), Latin America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), and Eastern Europe.

Global Health Care Barcode Technology Market: Business Landscape

Some of the key market players are Unitech Electronics Co. Ltd., Novanta Inc., Cognex Corporation, Bluebird Inc., JADAK, Godex International Co., Ltd., Opticon, Axicon Auto Id Ltd., Sato Worldwide, Microscan System, Inc., Honeywell International Inc., Zebra Technologies, Datalogic S.P.A, Toshiba Tec Corporation, and Code Corporation.

Global Health Care Barcode Technology Market: Based on Product Type

Barcode Scanners
Charge-coupled devices
Wand scanners
Image scanners
Laser scanners
Barcode Printers
Thermal printers
Laser printers
Ink-jet printers
Dot-matrix printers
Barcode Verifiers
Global Health Care Barcode Technology Market: Based on Application

Drug identification
Blood infusion safety
Specimen collection
Replenishment ordering
Supply chain management
Asset tracking solutions
Inventory control solutions
Global Health Care Barcode Technology Market: Based on Geography

North America
Latin America
Eastern Europe
Western Europe
The Middle East and Africa
Asia Pacific
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