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Online USA Doctors provides quality online doctors to users nationwide, giving those without health care insurance a respite from the high costs of out-of-pocket health care options.


Milwaukee, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- With health care insurance premiums on the rise, Americans are in desperate need of a viable alternative to traditional brick and mortar doctor's offices. Fortunately, technology can provide relief to overcrowded and expensive emergency rooms and urgent care clinics, as well as traditional walk-in doctor's offices. This new technology is called Telemedicine, and allows users to browse and contact physicians across the country for non-emergency health care.

A growing benefit of online doctors using Telemedicine is its ability to give those without health care insurance an option to receive medical care without the high cost of emergency rooms or urgent care clinics. Online USA Doctors provides quality online doctors to those in need nationwide, giving those without health care insurance a respite from the high costs of out-of-pocket health care options, and allows users to choose an affordable healthcare plan to fit their individual needs.

With urgent care and emergency room visits doubling over the past decade, Americans are in desperate need of an alternative. Online doctors provide this alternative, connecting licensed professional physicians with those in need of a low-cost health care option. Normally, those without health care insurance would have to take all medical concerns to a hospital emergency room or urgent care clinic, even simply to get a prescription for common medication like allergy medication, cold and flu prescriptions, and common blood analysis. The costs of emergency room care are astronomical, reaching as much as $3000 just for walking through the door, let alone the cost of the sub-par medical care provided during an emergency room visit.

Online USA Doctors arranges the consultation between physician and patient, which can take place over the telephone, video communication software like Skype, or even via email. Since there is no doctor's office to upkeep, Online USA Doctors can offer patients a much lower cost on non-emergency health care, without compromising service. Once the patient/doctor relationship has been established, online doctors can address any concerns the patient may have, effectively deduce causes of ailments, write prescriptions for treatment, and even order laboratory testing for the patient. Only an online doctor can provide this much service to patients without health care insurance or those trying to avoid high copay costs for simple medical needs like checkups or physicals.

For those without health care insurance, or those unwilling to pay the often overpriced copays, Online USA Doctors provides an affordable health care option, allowing users from around the country to connect with licensed online doctors, and at a reasonable price. Once a doctor is selected, users simply decide which treatment plan best fits their situation, choosing from an individual plan starting at $9.99, a comprehensive online doctor plan starting at $49.99, a couple's plan for $19.99, or a family plan starting at only $29.99. Each plan is completely scalable, adjusting with the needs and wants of the patient.

With Online USA Doctors, scheduling a doctor consult is easy and users can choose to pay-per-consult, only using what is needed, or pick from one of the company's remarkably affordable health care plans for a more comprehensive fit.

To contact Online USA Doctors and learn more, simply visit or call toll free directly at 888-315-9647.

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The creators of Online USA Doctors have successfully launched 5 urgent care clinics, in addition to advising multiple large hospital systems. The result of this level of experience culminated in the creation of the most advanced online medical treatment solution available today. Online USA Doctors allows patients across the nation to connect with physicians and specialists and receive the full range of medical services available from an emergency room or urgent care clinic, but at a fraction of the cost.

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