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Health Catalyst Exposes Secret to Better Health Care

Better health care requires all parties take a new approach to health care delivery


Salt Lake City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- Although the deadline to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act has now come and gone, health care remains a topic on the minds of many. Health care costs continue to rise, yet many are considered about the quality of care received.

"Many now discuss population health management solutions, yet don't understand exactly what these are and how they will improve health care as a whole. A group of health care veterans founded Health Catalyst to use technology to better unify data as this is an area where the health care system has typically failed," the team at Health Catalyst explains.

Population health management solutions strive to make the health care system more efficient, cost effective and safe and make use of proactive interventions and strategies to ensure this is the case. The interventions and strategies target specific groups of individuals across the care continuum to improve individual health while reducing costs. Often, this involves shared accountability financial arrangements amongst purchasers and delivery systems as this creates financial incentives for placing the focus on population health management and outcome measuring and reporting.

"Once one's health is gone, it is often hard to get it back. Prevention remains key in producing a healthier population and that's where population health management solutions come in. Health Catalyst understands the importance of improving care at every stage of the process, offering a variety of solutions for every need," the Health Catalyst team continues.

Accountable care organizations, the analytics adoption model, meaningful use and predictive analytics are just a few of the solutions one will encounter when working with Health Catalyst. When one speaks to a local health care provider, accountable care is likely a topic that will come up. This type of health care shifts the focus from a fee for service model, one that is procedure based, to one that is fee for quality, condition or disease based reimbursement. The primary care physician heads a care team, taking the values of the patient into account when creating the care plan, and patients are connected to high-value resources to improve care while cutting costs.

"All parties benefit when this is the case which is why population health management solutions continue to increase in popularity. Health Catalyst is here to help providers wishing to move to this care model achieve their goals. Data unification plays a large role in this, along with many other solutions offered through our company," the team declares.

About Health Catalyst
Health Catalyst strives to change health care by finding better ways to warehouse data and improve the overall consumer experience. With the help of Dr. David A. Burton, a renowned expert in the revolutionizing of clinical process models, the group developed a data warehouse capable of handling the unique complexities seen with health care. This solution goes by the name Adaptive Data Architecture and has drawn attention as it is flexible, agile and easily implemented. The unification of data allows medical decisions to be made in a timely manner to improve patient care.