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Life Enthusiast Blog Unmasks Advertising Methods vs. The “Paleo Diet”


Carson City, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- Life Enthusiast owner and founder, Martin Pytela, debunks the classic “new is better” advertising spin by applying breakthrough thinking to the popular “Paleo Diet.” Pytela unmasks the advertising industry’s use of subtle behavioral cues to influence our choices, even when it comes to health and diet. We know that diet is a key to promoting individual health, but if new is always better, why consider the oldest known diet, namely the Paleolithic, or Paleo Diet?

In “New! 30% More! But What If You Need Old and 30% Less?” Pytela explores the idea that with food, new is not necessarily better for us, when in fact, ancient diets and food cultivation methods may be best, especially if you want a near fibromyalgia cure, according to fans of the Paleo Diet.

Popular proponents of this diet, or elements of it, range from TV’s daytime health guru, Dr. Oz, to the diet’s originator, Dr. Loren Cordain, described on his web site as “…the world’s foremost authority on the evolutionary basis of diet and disease.” Cordain is further quoted on the WebMD site, saying, “…[even though grains and dairy seem healthful, our] genome has not really adapted to these foods, which can cause inflammation at the cellular level and promote disease.”

Pytela observes, “When it comes to food, old is good, and modern is not necessarily an improvement from the perspective of fulfilling our nutrient needs. With food, hybridized is not great, and genetically modified is questionable.” The Life Enthusiast blog, found on, invites visitors to think about the implications of this and other topics, to learn more, and to share their thoughts on each subject. A continuous source of food for thought, it aims to keep its commitment to health learning and new ideas.

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