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Health Enthusiasts Launch Vaporizer Pen Shop, New Website for Vape Pens and E-Cigarettes


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2014 -- A group of health and technology enthusiasts from Southern California has set out to create the perfect online portal for people interested in improving their health by transforming a smoking habit into a vaporizing lifestyle. Vaporizer Pen Shop was created this year with the mission to provide people with the most reliable information and lowest prices on the best vapes, e-cigarettes, tanks, mods, e-juices and e-liquids.

Vaporizer Pen Shop was conceived and created by two health-conscious entrepreneurs who decided to create a website that would educate and inform people about the growing trend of vaporizing, commonly known as “vaping.” Co-Founder Chris Harvey is a web developer and former smoker who discovered a world of health benefits when he stopped packing his cigarettes and started loading his portable vaporizer. “I couldn’t be happier to share this website with friends, family and people worldwide. My mission is to educate as many people as possible on the enormous benefit that e-cigarettes and vaporizers will have on your health, your wallet and your general demeanor.”

A rapidly growing movement among students, professionals and celebrities with a variety of different substances, vaporizers (or “vapes”) such as the G Pen Vaporizer provide the desired effect of nicotine, aromatherapy herbs or liquid concentrates without the harmful side effects and byproducts caused by combustion. With vaporization, the material is heated to a level between 300-400 degrees Fahrenheit which results in the release of the active ingredients in the material as a flavorful vapor rather than smoke. This process eliminates the production of harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide, toluene and naphthalene to name a few.

Vapes can also be used simply for flavor. With certain e-liquids and e-juices, there are no addictive or psychoactive chemicals involved: no nicotine, no aromatherapy content whatsoever. These juices are simply for the taste, like a hookah, or for the final step of a stop-smoking program. The phenomenon has yet to be widely embraced as many municipalities nationwide wrestle with the question of vaping as tantamount to secondhand smoke in public areas and private businesses.

Despite these concerns, vaping continues to flourish as a smoking cessation aid, where people are able to wean themselves off of nicotine by first eliminating the carcinogenic fillers and additives.

Whether users are interested in a vaporizer pen so they can quit smoking cigarettes or to simply enjoy a discreet and relaxing high, Vaporizer Pen Shop is dedicated to providing reliable information, impeccable customer support and affordable options to satisfy the needs of novices and vapor connoisseurs alike.

“Many people know that smoking is bad for them but they continue the habit because they enjoy the feeling of something in their hand,” said Jessica Williamson, Harvey’s partner and Co-Founder of Vaporizer Pen Shop. “I was a smoker for twelve years and I did it because it provided a temporary euphoria and it was a communal event. Smokers enjoy the social aspect of the habit. I know in my case it was mostly an addiction to the ritual rather than a compulsive addiction to the feeling brought on by the tobacco itself. Vaping allows me to have the best of both worlds.”

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