Health Enthusiasts Perform Personal Test on NuvoSlim Denmark to Determine Its Effectiveness


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 --, a website specifically launched to share experiences of using the increasingly popular weight loss supplement in Denmark – NuvoSlim, recently performed a series of tests on voluntary test subjects to determine whether the claims of immediate effects by NuvoSlim manufacturers are indeed true or not.

NuvoSlim is based on one of the ‘breakthrough ingredients’ in the supplements industry – the Raspberry Ketones. The other ‘breakthrough ingredients’ being Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract and Acai Berry Extract. It is very rare that a person trying to lose weight has not heard of any of these ingredients especially in North America and Europe. This is due to the aggressive marketing, as supplements based on these ingredients only emerged 2-3 years ago and no single manufacturer is yet dominating.

NuvoSlim is however one of the few products that is slowly making its presence felt and the ingredient Raspberry Ketones which the NuvoSlim manufacturers chose to make their stand with in the weight loss supplement industry is surely paying off. which is run by Danish health enthusiasts are more focused on why NuvoSlim Denmark customers are raving about the effectiveness of the supplement and whether in fact they are even true testimonials. chose only women for this test as they are the majority seekers of weight loss alternate solutions & treatments. The women which had varying weights and ages were given 6 weeks of supply of NuvoSlim i.e. with intake of 2 capsules per day.

One thing the health enthusiasts noticed is that Raspberry Ketones based supplements act as the most powerful appetite suppressants. NuvoSlim was no exception and all test subjects experienced significant appetite suppressing in 3-4 days of consumption. This eventually did lead to weight loss and the major concern whether the sudden weight loss caused loss in energy was out of the question as the tests subjects on the contrary stated that their energy levels were either the same or even better.

After 6 weeks all test subjects reported weight loss. The amount of weight loss varied according to the physical activity of the test subjects. However, women who part took in no physical activity at all also reported weight loss even though comparatively much lesser. concluded that NuvoSlim is indeed effective and individuals who consume do witness a weight loss. The editors of the website also informed that NuvoSlim may require a bit longer consumption duration compared to other supplements to see the results but since it is 100% natural it is one of the best ways to lose weight in a healthy manner.

About is a personal blog of health enthusiasts from Denmark who have decided to review and personally test the popular Raspberry Ketones based weight loss supplement NuvoSlim. The personal test conducted by the editors of the website,, was performed on few voluntary subjects who consumed NuvoSlim for duration of 6 weeks. Full review, experience of the subjects and overall conclusion of are now published and can be viewed.

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