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Health Evolution Project Announces Masterclass Event Geared Toward Reclaiming Health

Safer and more affordable alternatives to conventional pharmaceuticals are key to promoting optimal mental and physical health, publishes


Sunshine Beach, Queensland -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2015 -- According to studies conducted by the World Health Organization, more than 450 million people worldwide currently suffer from some form of mental illness; at the same time, an estimated 35 million lose their battles with chronic conditions each year. Combined, these surges in failing health are largely responsible for bringing the global pharmaceutical industry's annual income to an unprecedented $300 billion based on reports from this same entity. Health Evolution Project was created with all these factors in mind.

Founder Angela Wright, MBE has recently announced her latest effort in more natural remediation of common illnesses. Wright elaborated, "On Tuesday, October 6, 2015, I will be hosting a Health Evolution Masterclass. The purpose of this event is to enable participants to discover ways to create drastic improvements in their health and, by extension, their lives with proven natural supplements and health practice techniques. Information divulged during the event is a product of over two decades of research as well as extensive personal experience in this field."

Wright's journey began with her extended family's struggles regarding genetic mental illnesses. Discovering a natural cure for her Father's recurring and chronic gout was one example of the power of natural therapies. Losing her mother to pancreatic cancer despite conventional treatments was the tipping point to propel Wright to take action. She also witnessed numerous friends and relatives suffering from preventable conditions, all the while raising five children, struggling through exhaustive hours running her business and facing repetitive physical ailments.

Upon discovering complementary treatments and energy healing strategies, Wright set out to develop a supplement free of harmful chemicals as well as unregulated ingredients and create viable self healing techniques. Striving toward goals of advocating for the portion of the population unaided by or opposed to pharmaceuticals and combating the ever increasing costs of medications, Wright developed the Health Evolution Project, a formula based on scientifically backed elements, negative ion therapy and quantum physics. Wright has been respected in business for more than two decades and was bestowed her MBE by HM Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.

Concluded Wright, "Far too many medications on the market are either ineffective or harmful. I knew there had to be a better, safer and more affordable alternative, so I began my research to find it. The October 6 Masterclass is a free event, and further information can be found via the Health Evolution Project home page, I encourage those interested in taking charge of their lives and reclaiming their health to visit our website and sign up for the class."

About Health Evolution Project
The Health Evolution Project was born of discouragement over conventional pharmaceuticals and increasingly detrimental lifestyles. Through more than 20 years of research and development, founder Angela Wright MBE unearthed ways to naturally and safely rebalance the body for better health.