Health Expert Explains How Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Can Be Used to Solve Various Chronic Problems


Pune, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2013 -- Many people struggle with emotional issues such as depression, anxiety or stress at some point in their life. Most people who go through such problems usually perceive that these problems can either be treated through allopathic medicines only or cannot be treated at all. This belief has its roots in the orthodox medicine thus unfortunately people perceive it as the only for sure way of dealing with health problems but this is not always true, there are alternative and effective methods of treating ailments such as depression, anxiety or stress without the need of allopathic medicines.

Emotional Freedom Technique or the EFT tapping therapy is fast being recognized as an effective way of treating and beating depression and other emotional and physical issues. People who have already gone through the conventional medical way of treating and curing depression would agree that the pills other medicines used for the treatment have countless side effects of their own that the patients have to put up with furthermore. These medicines can even dull their emotions and personalities. Thus it is best to look for alternative ways of treating depression such as the EFT tapping therapy.

Maria explains on the website: about how EFT can be used to solve various chronic problems. People will be glad to know that EFT is a completely chemical free method of treating problems including depression, weight loss, chronic pain, insomnia and even lack of energy. According to Maria’s explanation on this website:

“The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a therapy developed by an ordained minister, Gary Craig, in the 90s. The theory of EFT is based on the Thought Field Therapy of Roger Callahan. Craig’s Emotional Freedom Technique involved acupuncture without using needles. The therapy claims to have incredible benefits on mental illness and severe or chronic pain or similar diseases as the field of energy present in the body, when disrupted, can create illnesses and negative emotions.”

Many doctors are now also endorsing Emotional Freedom Technique as an effective way to treat and even cure various health problems. The fundamental premise of EFT is that the body is a composition of energy and EFT utilized 12 special channels or points of energy also called meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine. These meridians are tapped gently to give healing signals to the body to drive out the negative emotions, feelings and energies. This can be considered as a similar concept of acupuncture minus the needles and the pain. Maria’s explanation is all about how EFT is a powerful, effective easy to use, easy to learn and chemical free way of healing.

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