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Hate Vegetables? Learn How to Love Your Veggies


Ventura, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2012 -- Written by Wellness Educator and Fresh Food Chef, Suzanne Landry, The Passionate Vegetable is more than a just a cookbook, it’s a recipe for falling in love with vegetables.

Remember that familiar mantra repeated at dinner when you were a kid-“Eat your vegetables, eat your vegetables”...but we never really did? We hated vegetables! While some of us were sneaky and fed them to our pet dog under the table, others negotiated. The deal was, if we would gag down 1-2 bites of rubbery green beans or mushy broccoli, we could have dessert! Let’s face it; those vegetables just didn’t taste good. They were canned or frozen, rubbery, tasteless and lifeless.

Now there’s a fun and easy way to learn how to love eating your veggies. Preparing fresh vegetables in a delicious and healthy manner no longer has to be a fiasco. In partnership with Health Inspired Publishing, Wellness Educator & Fresh Food Chef Suzanne Landry has made available her new cookbook The Passionate Vegetable, officially releases July 1, 2012 at a book signing event in Santa Barbara, California.

Suzanne’s children were plagued with health issues while growing up, and their health was finally stabilized by a drastic change in diet, including eliminating wheat and dairy and substituting them with lots of vegetables.

In teaching vegetarian cooking classes for 30 years, Fresh Food Chef & Wellness Educator Suzanne Landry discovered that though her classes were sold out, she rarely had a practicing vegetarian in her classes.

Not a vegetarian cookbook, The Passionate Vegetable is a great cookbook for anyone who knows they need to eat their veggies, but find it challenging to make veggies interesting and tasty. Do your children hate to eat vegetables? Suitable for parents desiring to give their children the gift of nourishment; and those who want to achieve wellness by eating their veggies, The Passionate Vegetable is a thoughtful gift for someone you love.

The Passionate Vegetable offers recipes for getting a healthy start at breakfast, salads that satisfy, soups, grains, beans, and even includes some meat dishes and delectable desserts. The cookbook is available at Health Inspired Publishing. The website links to Chef Landry’s blog which contains recipes to help you love your veggies!

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About the Author: Suzanne Landry
Suzanne Landry is known as the Fresh Food Chef & Wellness Educator has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles, and has done television appearances. Her success as a personal chef to the stars, extensive knowledge, and talent for entertaining her students make her a sought after guest speaker at health seminars and workshops. Since 2005, she has developed a nutrition education program for cancer recovery patients, which guides them to health and vitality. She is the mother of three healthy sons and lives in Ventura, California with her husband, George.