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Health Insurance Leads Are Easier to Work if They Are Exclusive

Less expensive health insurance leads may work well if the agent works hard. However, exclusive leads pay off a lot faster.


Newtown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2012 -- “Just because your research and other agents tell you that exclusive health insurance leads are the best way to go to build your business, that does not mean you should not try buying the regular health insurance leads, for the experience. You have to have something to compare the exclusive ones with when you try them,” explained Clelland Green, RHU, CEO, and president of, Pennsylvania.

The key to building a better insurance business is to try what is out there in terms of leads, and make informed decisions about what does offer, a significant return on the investment of time and money. Trying both types of health insurance leads will give an agent the cutting edge needed to move forward with the best tools for their business; tools that actually work and help convert potential customers to actual buyers.

Building a better business these days is not just about customer retention, but about investing in solid leads to ensure the business foundation always remains stable. “Agents realize right from the get-go that the old method of cold calling just does not cut it in light of today’s technology. Wasting half a day on the phone, calling random lists is guaranteed to end the day with numerous dead ends and rejections. However, some agents need to experience this for themselves, just so they are sure someone isn’t trying to sell them a bill of goods by telling them to spend money on exclusive insurance leads,” Green remarked.

The good news is that more Americans are beginning to realize that even on a limited income, they need health insurance. Without it they are setting themselves up for a serious financial crisis if something goes wrong and they need medical care. Since there are so many types of insurance on the market, many people are turning to the Internet to locate what they need. This is when they fill out an online lead sheet, asking for an agent to contact them. When leads like this come into an agent who chose to buy exclusive health insurance leads, they will have a sale quite quickly, because the name of that lead only goes to the one agent.

“It’s pretty straightforward, and does save an agent time and money in the long run. Agents are in the business to not only help people find what they need to be protected, but to keep their business alive and thriving. Choosing the exclusive leads will significantly impact an agent’s financial bottom line, because the more solid leads they have, the more sales they make,” said Green.

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