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Health Insurance Leads Must Be High Quality Says Benepath CEO


Newtown Sq, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2012 -- In order to grow a solid business that keeps on growing, insurance agents need reliable health insurance leads.

“If you’re in the business of selling health insurance, then you need solid, pre-qualified health insurance leads; no ifs, ands or buts,” says Clelland Green, RHU, CEO, and president of in Pennsylvania. “The market is out there, and it could almost be referred to as a captive market, as Americans will, one way or the other, have to have health insurance by 2014. Take advantage of that market now and it will still be with you then.”

If an insurance agent wants a good return on their investment in health insurance leads, access to some cutting edge tools and systems and pre-qualified, pre-screened leads, then they need to spend their money where they will get a return in the form of paying customers. “This can’t be done without access to high quality leads,” added Green. “And frankly, there are way too many companies out there that sell chewed up health insurance leads that rip agents off. No one, not even top sellers, can salvage a lead that at least six or more other agents have worked on.”

Exclusive as a word means only for that person. Exclusive as a selling point is often used by lead generation companies wanting to make a quick buck out of false promises. “Beware of companies that promise the moon and you really only get the phone number of someone that hangs up on you because they have already been called by what they feel is legions of insurance agents,” cautioned Green.

Before any insurance agent invests hard earned dollars in buying health insurance leads, the company they wish to buy from should be checked out. Do a background check and find out how many times they sell their non-exclusive leads, and how they generate leads. “You will know after checking around which company is a good place to buy leads, and which is not. There is no sense in shelling out money to buy worthless leads because your insurance business depends on the success of those leads,” Green pointed out.

Keep in mind that health insurance leads are people who want to be healthy and stay healthy. They are shopping for medical coverage whether it is a first policy or additional coverage. The type of lead an insurance agent gets largely depends on the kind of business they want. If they are content with good quality leads, meaning they may be shared by five other agents, then they proceed on that basis.

“Ideally, if they want to virtually guarantee their business booms, they will want to order exclusive health insurance leads; leads that are only sent to them directly. This is the mecca of selling health insurance - a lead that asked for information just mere seconds ago,” Green pointed out. “If an agent jumps on those leads, they can bet their conversions will improve dramatically.”

“Make it a point to buy leads from a company you trust and one that offers pre-screened and pre-qualified potential buyers. Anything else and you will be throwing away money,” added Green.

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