Health Insurance Quotes Are Easier for Customers to Understand by Calling an Agent Says Benepath CEO


Newtown Sq, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2012 -- Speaking directly to a local insurance agent clears up any questions a potential customer may have about health insurance quotes.

“While it’s a nice thing to be able to surf the Internet and find instant health insurance quotes, all the information you need is ‘not’ on the websites you visit. There is far too much information about health insurance and the various policies to be able to put it all online. This is why you want to discuss your health insurance needs with an agent. They have the answers at their fingertips,” pointed out Clelland Green, RHU, CEO, and president of Benepath in Pennsylvania.

Get ready to call an agent by simply making a list of questions. Most people have pre-existing conditions and will want to know how this will affect their insurance premiums. Many have concerns such as living on a strict budget and they are not sure how to afford health insurance. Typically, health insurance quotes online are helpful to the extent that they offer a general description of policy content and a premium price. However, for the finer details of what is included in a policy, it is best to speak to an agent.

“Been there, done that? Tried to call a big insurance company for information and got the run around through their electronic on-hold message system? Fed up with punching buttons and getting no results? Try a smaller, more personable insurance company. Often they provide superior customer service, and answer their own phones, but may also offer good deals,” Green added.

Getting a live agent on the phone will allow lots of time for discussion of things such as learning about the different premiums and options that are possible on the same policy or how it may be tailored to make it the right fit for someone. “It’s not difficult to get what you want; you just have to know how to ask for it, what would work for your family and how much you want to pay. Tell the agent right up front what your budget is and take the discussion from there,” suggested Green.

For those that take the step of calling an agent and talking about their needs, they also have the opportunity if they like what they hear of buying a policy immediately. Most companies, even smaller ones, offer a customer the choice of paying by using a check by phone or a credit card. It is quick, easy and offers customers one-stop shopping. Aside from the talk a person would have with an agent to get various points clarified, the phone process is just as convenient as the online process.

“Buying online is good. Getting quotes online is good. Finding out everything you need to know is essential, and to be honest, you can’t always do that online. Complete the online experience by calling an agent and ‘really’ find out what the quotes and policies cover. It may well save you some grief later when you discover that what you thought you got, was not what you did get,” Green advised.

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