Health Magazine Says Loss of Sexual Energy a Top Problem That Causes Divorce


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2016 -- Is divorce just caused by financial problems and frequent arguments? A health magazine revealed that loss of sexual energy – or too much sex – is one of the two major causes of divorce.

Divorce is not something that couples should look forward to. Rifts in the marriage are normal, but when it is about rifts in the sexual aspect, it is time to take action. Fortunately, there are products in the market that can deal with this.

"Among the top contenders of problems causing divorce are money and sex, they are of an unbelievably high degree of importance in a marriage. Many will say 'love does it all' but whereas love is a key factor, money and sex are agents that if not given the needed attention, can destroy the love you share," Think Health Magazine stated in their report.

Sex is one major cause of divorce according to the magazine. In fact, even in pre-marital relationships, the refusal for sex may end up to break ups and separation.

There are couples who experience some lack of sexual libido, resulting in withdrawing sex. But the magazine noted that this can make one feel cheated by the other.

"Sex; exciting, pleasurable, yet too much or too little of it in a marriage may lead to problems between the couple. Many times one partner will for some reason, want to withhold sex, probably as a means of getting back or punishing the other. In my opinion, withholding sex is just as bad or may be even worse than terrible sex. Your partner will feel cheated, and may resort to alternatives which can destroy a marriage," Karlene Smith wrote on Think Health Magazine.

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