Health of America Insurance Agency Unveils Resource Website for Consumers, Families and the Self-Employed


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2012 -- The Health of America Insurance Agency today announced the availability of their website as a consumer resource and information center.

According to its owner, who likes to call himself "Mr. Free Quotes," the website is uniquely positioned to help people connect to the best health care insurance plan for them.

Individual Health Insurance A Must In Today's World

"We have far too many people living in the U.S. today who are risking their health, not to mention their financial resources, because they have no health insurance, are under-insured or improperly insured. Unfortunately for them, the American health care system is very unforgiving for those without proper individual health insurance. Our site is designed to help change this state of affairs," said the owner.

Innovative Interface Makes Finding the Best Policy Easy

"We have developed a graphical interface on our site. Just begin by clicking the state you live in, then supply your zip code. You supply some basic information about yourself, and our database of information will then be queried, and you will be given -- in real-time -- a list of health insurance providers and agents, licensed to do business where you live. We try to determine which plans are best for you, but you will still need to compare the various options. It's the quick and easy way to get health insurance quotes."

Help in Finding the Best Student Health Insurance

"For those parents sending their kids off to college, they want to be able to rest easy knowing that their children are protected. The schools themselves usually require student health insurance coverage. But not all adult health coverage provides coverage for college-age insurance. can help you to research and shop for a plan that fits your kids needs as well as your budget."

Many Different Insurance Companies Represented

"One thing we are very proud of is our partnering relationships with all sorts of health insurance providers -- Major-Medical, short-term policies, Medicare plans. These are suitable for families, individuals, self-employed persons, seniors, we even offer risk plans for those who find it difficult to get insurance, as well as plans to provide coverage for those traveling outside of the U.S.A."

A quick investigation of the site reveals partnering relationships with companies like Health Partners, Medica, Time, PreferredOne, Assurant Health, UCare, United Health Care as well as others. "We try to partner with as many different health insurance providers as possible in order to give consumers the largest set of options to choose from -- the bigger the selection, the better."

In the words of the founder, "This site is born of an idea whose time has come - to help everyone to find the health coverage they need and deserve."