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Health Police Argue over Whether Porta Potties Should Be Used or Not


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2013 -- Many debate the accountability of portable toilets for hire. People concerned about the general hygiene of the public argue that portable toilets should never be rented out and should only be sold as the sharing of such delicate sanitary facilities like toilets causes the spread of a countless number of diseases. While sure is safer to use one's own portable toilets, it is financially not realistic.

For starters, not everybody hosts social events on a daily basis. For big companies that host outdoor events on a daily basis, its use is financially cheaper to buy them and then use their own every time an event is host. As for those who hardly ever host social outdoor events, it is not realistic to buy all the portable toilets. Financially, not everyone can afford to buy a huge number of portable toilets to be used just once. Even for those who can afford to buy them, it is not realistic to keep a huge number of portable toilets without using them again. Therefore the truth is, while the health police's argument not to share public toilet is hygienically acceptable, it is not realistic at all to buy porta potties every time an outdoor event is hosted.

The Murfreesboro Portable Toilets Company called the Quick Portable Toilets has vehemently countered this argument by the health police. The company claims that not even home toilets are shared among different family members as well as with complete stranger from time to time. If the health police's advice is to be followed, even home toilets should be replaced every time a stranger uses the toilet or every time there is a party in the house.

Home toilets are hygienic because homeowners keep it clean regularly. In the same way, portable toilets are no different from home toilets in hygiene because they are also cleaned regularly. To gather other information on portable toilets Murfreesboro TN kindly head to

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