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Health Products International Launches Public Awareness Campaign for Zetaclear

Health Products International Promotes Natural Treatments Of Nail Fungus, Skin Health


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2013 -- Statistics from the dermatology industry indicate at least 25 percent of the American population will acquire some form of nail fungus prior to the age of 40 with these figures increasing to 50 percent following 40 years of age. Though such ailments do not typically produce severe adverse health issues, they can certainly be painful, frustrating and embarrassing. For those suffering from diabetes and others common illnesses that affect the normal healing process, nail fungus can pose dire health risks. In answer to this situation, Health Products International has launched a campaign to increase public awareness of Zetaclear, a natural, effective nail fungus cure.

Jamie Leighton, spokesperson for Health Products International, elaborated, "Due to its proven effectiveness, Zetaclear is rapidly becoming the most popular treatment for nail fungus available online. One of the factors that makes this product unique is that it consists of two combined treatment methods, a topical solution and an oral spray. Another element contributing to the effectiveness of this treatment is its use of all natural ingredients."

Leighton continued, "Zetaclear topical solution contains tea tree oil, extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca Tree from Australia. This oil is used for the treatment of a number of skin and hair conditions without drying skin. This solution also contains jojoba oil, a powerful oil that softens nails; as a result, it facilitates the treatment of nail fungus. Vitamin E oil, a potent anti oxidant, increases the level of health of the skin surrounding affected nails. Lemongrass oil is popular in Asia where it has been used for centuries to draw fungus and other infirmities out of the skin, as well as to prevent the onset of other skin conditions. Undecylenic and clove oil are also used in the Zetaclear formula. They help decrease the severity of fungal infections and create healthier and more lustrous nails."

Leighton went on to say, "The Zetaclear oral spray contains Antimonium curdum, Arsenicum album, Mancinells, Nitricum acidum, sulphur and Thuja occidentalis. These ingredients increase immunity. Additionally, they reduce the dryness, scaling, pain and discoloration associated with nail fungus. Experts in the field of nail fungus treatment state when the Zetaclear system is used according to the recommended treatment plan, improvements in nail health will be seen within a few weeks. Using this product for several weeks will completely eliminate fungus and restore nails to their original gloss and smoothness. By continuing treatment after the fungus has been cured, future occurrences can be prevented. Those suffering from nail fungus are encouraged to visit our website for Zetaclear Reviews and tips for reaping the optimum benefits of Zetaclear."

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