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Health Website HHBOFTEC.com Launches with Tips and Information on Health and Well Being


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2013 -- HHBOFTEC.com, a new health website whose name stands for "Healthy Habits Build Our Futures Towards Everlasting Contentment," announces the launch of its site with information and tips on many health and well being related topics. Featuring articles on a variety of subjects, HHBOFTEC.com aims to become an authority on ways to make health a priority and to live a more fulfilling and healthy life.

Current topics include articles on the dangers and costs of obesity, natural ways to prevent and cure hemorrhoids, and the importance of positive thinking on the health of the body. Complete with inspiring quotes by some of today's most vibrant and well-known health advocates, the articles on the site are designed to encourage and educate readers to make healthy choices that will affect their minds and bodies.

"Healthy body, healthy mind…you could also flip this title to be ‘healthy mind, healthy body,’ because it is my firm belief that one cannot be healthy without the other," says an article on the healthy tips site. "You can give your body nothing but the best foods and exercise, but if you think poisonous thoughts all day, you will struggle to feel healthy and vibrant. It is important then, that when you are creating your healthy habits you do so for both the body and the mind."

HHBOFTEC.com also features many health-related videos by famous researchers, authors and visionaries on health and well being topics. The videos and articles help readers understand the connection between healthy habits, the mind body connection and more, in order to inspire them to make healthy choices.

With time, more articles will be added to the site on a variety of topics, making HHBOFTEC.com a resource for anyone who advocates or wants to begin a healthy lifestyle. By following the healthy tips and recommendations on the site, readers can make the changes that make them healthier, feel better and have more peace and contentment in their lives.

About HHBOFTEC.com
The founders of the HHBOFTEC.com site, which stands for "Healthy Habits Build Our Futures Towards Everlasting Contentment," are passionate advocates for healthy eating and living with a plan to spread the word to others. The site was created to supply quality information written by a qualified naturopath whose passion is to help people live healthier lives. For more information, visit http://www.hhboftec.com.