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Scotland, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2013 -- In Today’s scenario every one gives high importance to their health and skin.  Healthy body has healthy skin. Now-a-days everyone is more conscious about their appearance. Both genders pay high attention towards health and fitness. It is the source of attention. Good appearance gets more attention. We are pleased to guide you to improve your skin in a good way. Our mission is to promote great tips for you to improve our oily skin.  We provide you the most easy and thousand times better tips. You can gain much from our words. We provide helpful tips about oily skin. Our article promotes your attention towards your skin and you will get more useful and easy tips to fight with your oily skin.

Beauty mark on the face is the most attractive part of our body. It is a great source of attraction. Many people are commonly known for their mole. In our article u will come to know about oily skin and beauty marks. aims to provide their visitors the best solutions and natural remedies for oily skin. At website, visitors will discover a lot of remedies and skin tips for oily skin sufferers.

Beauty is always the first priority of a person. Men and women both are very much conscious about their skin. According to research women are mole conscious than men. They took great care of their skin and spent more on their skin to have great, fresh and oil free skin. It is the desire of every women to have fresh, Smooth and oil-free skin. Women try various methods to achieve desired skin.

Oily skin can be a great challenge for you. The oily skin is very harmful as it attracts more dust and pollution to skin which cause serious harm to the skin which women can’t afford. Women use various make-up to cover up the oily skin but inspite of giving advantage it gives a great dis-advantage to the skin.

There are several methods for getting rid of oily skin. There are many methods which are far from side-affects and fruitful for the betterment of skin. Natural methods for skin are thousand times better than to use costly products.


~Drink plenty of water:

Drinking more water is also helpful for your body. It maintains your body fit and healthy and healthy body helps to get healthy skin. One must drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to improve the appearance of one’s skin.

~Applying powdered chick peas:

To get rid of oily skin one can use powdered chick peace’s mask on our face. This natural product is easily available at every one’s home and it gives a great advantage to skin.

~mask of lemon and rose water:

Applying a mixture of lemon juice and rose water daily on your skin can helps a lot for getting fresh and beautiful skin.

~Use of honey:

Use of honey can help us to get soft and beautiful is highly remarkable and useful for avoiding oiliness and wrinkles from the skin.

~Avoid Oily Food:

Keeping an eye on our diet is very important for our body and skin. Food containing too much oil is also harmful for our skin as well as for our body. One must avoid too much oily food.

~ Always remove cosmetics before going to BED:

One must remove make-up before going to bed. Our skin also needs a rest. Having cosmetics while sleeping is extremely harmful for our skin.


Beauty mark is commonly known as mole. It is like a black dot on person’s skin. Mole on face is mostly a sign of beauty that’s why it is also known as beauty mark. It is also known as birthmarks.

It is considered to be an attractive part. There are many famous celebrities who are famously known for their beauty mark and beauty mark has great importance in their life.

Different Shapes in moles (Beauty mark):

ROUND MOLE:  A round mole shows the goodness in people.

OBLONG MOLE: An Oblong mole tells us about the good health of a person.
ANGULAR MOLE:     This shape shows that person have both characteristics (Positive and negative).

A person have mole on any part of body but I am going to discuss some important parts which mostly people notice.

If a person have mole on cheek it shows that person have serious nature and have deep interest in study.

If a person have mole on neck it shows that a person has a good future.

If a person have mole on lips it shows that person is very much interested in his betterment of life.

Mostly people thinks that a mole on right hand is good and mole on left hand is bad, but it is wrong. Mole on both hand shows that a person have great talent in himself and he/she can be very successful in his life by using the talent.

People avoid person having mole on the finger because they considered them dishonest and research proves it right.

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