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Healthcare Providers Can Now Sign Up Patients Directly for Free Trial of CycleBeads Online Service


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2014 -- Cycle Technologies is pleased to announce that through the use of the new Provider Access™ Tool, healthcare providers can now sign patients up directly for a free 60-day trial of the CycleBeads® Online service. After receiving extensive feedback from health care providers interested in using CycleBeads as an option for their patients, the direct-access feature was created.

“Cycle Technologies is on the forefront of creative, easy-to-use innovations for women to manage their fertility,” says Ann Mullen, Vice President at Cycle Technologies. “We are exploring every opportunity to ensure that women and their health providers have easy access to this effective family planning method, whether they want to use it as an ovulation calendar or for contraception.”

The Provider Access Tool was designed with efficiency in mind, so it can be used easily and quickly by healthcare providers during a normal consultation. Healthcare providers want their patients to have a family planning method in hand when they leave the office, which is why the Provider Access Tool is a great solution.

Visit to see how the Provider Access Tool works.

Feedback from health providers who have signed up patients for the CycleBeads Online service using the Provider Access feature has been overwhelmingly positive:

- “I have patients who are using the CycleBeads fertility iPhone app, but not everyone has a smartphone. It was easy to just sign up my patient and give her a chance to try this service.”

- “When reviewing methods available and a client showed interest, I can offer her a chance to try this method without any obligations."

- “I was shocked at how easy is was…it was almost too simple.”

Healthcare providers, who want to sign their patients up with the Provider Access tool can contact or 202.237.0662 for more information or visit

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Cycle Technologies’ mission is to bring to market products that help people live healthier lives. Cycle Technologies is the manufacturer and distributor of CycleBeads®, CycleBeads® Online, and iCycleBeads™ smartphone apps, patented tools based on the Standard Days Method® of family planning. These products provide women with easy to use information that allows them to plan or prevent pregnancy naturally. As a fertility awareness-based family planning option, CycleBeads educates women about their cycles and helps them manage their fertility without chemicals or hormones. It fulfills a need for a natural family planning method that is easy to use, inexpensive, side effect-free, and highly effective. Women all over the world use these simple tools to help them understand their cycles and easily identify the days when pregnancy is possible.

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