Healthcare Staffing Market Size and Share in US - Strategic Assessment and Forecast Till 2021

The report analyzes and presents an overview on "Healthcare Staffing Market in US - Strategic Assessment and Forecast Till 2021" worldwide.


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2017 -- Healthcare staffing or medical staffing is a process to fill medical positions, both temporary and permanent, in various healthcare organizations. Such as acute care hospitals and non-acute care hospitals, government facilities, outpatient clinics, public and charter schools, physician practice groups, ambulatory care facilities, retailers, among other healthcare settings.

The report Healthcare Staffing Market in US - Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2021 considers the present scenario and growth aspect of Healthcare Staffing market in the US and strategic assessment of the market for the period 2015-2021.The report includes the market growth drivers, trends, and restraints. The report gives a market segmentation

By End-user Segment
Pharmaceutical Client
Other Healthcare Provider
Government Agencies
By Staffing Services in US
Nursing staffing services
Locum tenens staffing services
Allied health staffing services

Healthcare Staffing Market in US - Market Size and Forecast

Staffing agencies are burdened with finding the right choice for the suitable position available with their client employer. The earlier notion that a staffing company only provides replacement of the absentee employee with temporary ones is no more valid. The industry has grown and now takes a more strategic role in offering a variety of workforce solutions and services to their client employer. In the US, the staffing industry impacts the economy through its service offerings and offers jobs and career opportunities to about 16 million employees per year.

The Healthcare Staffing Market in US is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.70% by 2021. The Market Research Analyst predicts that the Healthcare staffing market in US is expected to reach $28.3 billion in terms of revenue. Healthcare staffing companies are witnessing huge demands because of the increased population in US.

Healthcare Staffing Market in US Trends, Drivers & Restraints

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The healthcare industry in the US is witnessing a shortage of nurses in the country. There is a growing demand for nurses in hospital and community services. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for registered nurses in the country is expected to grow by 14%-16% by 2021 from 2015. Thus the shortage of nurse and the growing demand of nurses in US is one of the major factor for driving the market.

One of the major reasons behind this increased demand is the fact that a significant number of nurses are getting retired over the next few years. About 55% of the overall nursing workforce, currently in service, in the US, is above 50 years of age. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 526,800 nurses will be retiring over the forecast year in the country. Hence there will be a huge requirement of registered nurses. This requirement to fulfil the gap of the manforce requirement is one of the key emerging trends. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the US Department of Labor, the overall nurse employment is set to increase from 2.86 million in 2012 to 3.44 million by 2022. Also The increase in the demand for home healthcare workforce such as dieticians, nurses, nutritionists, therapists, and home care aides among others will drive the demand for temporary staffing in the market.

Limited pool of qualified healthcare professionals and government regulations on healthcare recruitment are the major challenges for Healthcare Staffing market in US.

The report also provides the Porters five forces analysis along with a description of each of the forces and its impact on the market.

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Healthcare Staffing Market in US- Market Share and Vendors

The report Healthcare Staffing Market in US also provides the competitive landscape of the key players. The report covers the players operating in the entire value chain of the market. The major players identified within the report are AMN Healthcare, CHG Healthcare, Cross Country Healthcare, Jackson Healthcare and Maxim Healthcare.

The emerging vendors included in the report are Accountable Healthcare Staffing, Aya Healthcare, Favorite Healthcare Staffing, InGenesis, Healthcare Staffing Services, Medical Solutions, MedPartners, Parallon Workforce Management Solutions (HCA), Soliant Health (Adecco), trustaff, Vista Staffing Solutions


Section 1 Research Methodology
Section 2 Executive Summary

Section 3 Report Coverage
3.1 Executive summary
3.2 Scope of the study
3.2.1 Definition of product
3.2.2 End-user segments
3.2.3 Base year

Section 4 Market Research Methodology
4.1 Market size calculation
4.2 Vendor segmentation

Section 5 Market Landscape
5.1 Introduction
5.1.1 Healthcare staffing working
5.1.2 Healthcare staffing ecosystem

Section 6 Key Market Growth Drivers
6.1.1 Year-on-year impact of market drivers

Section 7 Key Market Trends
7.1.1 Year-on-year impact of market trends

Section 8 Key Market Restraints
8.1.1 Year-on-year impact of market restraints

Section 9 Staffing Process Analysis
9.1 Staffing process analysis of the healthcare staffing market in US

Section 10 US Healthcare Staffing Market
10.1 Overview of staffing market
10.2 Healthcare staffing market in US
10.2.1 Market overview
10.2.2 Historical market size
10.2.3 Market size and forecast 2015-2021
10.3 Five Force Analysis

Section 11 Market Segmentation by Staffing Services
11.1 Healthcare staffing market in US by Staffing services
11.2 Nursing staffing services market in US
11.2.1 Historical market 2013-2014
11.2.2 Market Size and forecast 2015-2021
11.2.3 Top trend, driver, and restraint
11.3 Allied health staffing market in US
11.3.1 Historical market 2013-2014
11.3.2 Market size and forecast 2015-2021
11.3.3 Top trend, driver, and restraint
11.4 Locum tenens staffing market in US
11.4.1 Historical market 2013-2014
11.4.2 Market size and forecast 2015-2021
11.4.3 Top trend, driver, and restraint

Section 12 Vendor Landscape
12.1 Competitive landscape
12.1.1 Overview
12.2 Market share 2015
12.3 Segment-wise vendor ranking 2015
12.3.1 Travel nurse staffing
12.3.2 Per diem nurse staffing
12.3.3 Locum tenens staffing
12.3.4 Allied health staffing
12.4 Vendor service portfolio

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Section 13 Emerging Vendors
13.1.1 Accountable Healthcare Staffing
13.1.2 Aureus Medical Group (C&A Industries)
13.1.3 Aya Healthcare
13.1.4 Favorite Healthcare Staffing
13.1.5 InGenesis
13.1.6 Healthcare Staffing Services
13.1.7 Medical Solutions
13.1.8 MedPartners
13.1.9 Parallon Workforce Management Solutions (HCA)
13.1.10 Soliant Health (Adecco)
13.1.11 Supplemental Health Care
13.1.12 trustaff
13.1.13 Vista Staffing Solutions

Section 14 Key Vendor Analysis
14.1 AMN Healthcare
14.1.1 Business overview
14.1.2 Service offerings
14.1.3 Strategy
14.1.4 Strength
14.2 CHG Healthcare Services
14.2.1 Business overview
14.2.2 Service offerings
14.2.3 Strategy
14.2.4 Strength
14.3 Cross Country Healthcare
14.3.1 Business overview
14.3.2 Service offerings
14.3.3 Strategy
14.3.4 Strength
14.4 Jackson Healthcare
14.4.1 Business overview
14.4.2 Service offerings
14.4.3 Strategy
14.4.4 Strength
14.5 Maxim Healthcare Services
14.5.1 Business overview
14.5.2 Service offerings
14.5.3 Strategy
14.5.4 Strength