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Healthcare Worker Salary Announces Release of New Compilation of Income Figures

Latest survey draws English-speaking world's most highly regarded sources to paint a vivid picture of health-care employment realities and prospects, Healthcare Worker Salary reports


Latham, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- Healthcare Worker Salary, an online resource which compiles income statistics and other information regarding positions in the health care sector, announced the release of a new survey of the state of the industry. The newly released findings cover health care industry positions in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia and will be of special interest to those considering studying and training for such career opportunities. Healthcare Worker Salary draws from a number of reputable, reliable sources in assembling its reports, including the data released by such well-known organizations as the American Medical Association and the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

"After compiling statistics and crunching numbers for the last year, we're ready to release our latest figures," Healthcare Worker Salary representative Gus Benson stated, "and we think they will make for some compelling reading for those with an interest in the health care industry." While many workers around the world have increasingly come to worry about securing satisfying, rewarding careers, those in the health care industry have often found themselves in another situation entirely. Aging populations of relatively affluent people the world over demand more and more in the way of health care, and in a number of countries, including those covered by Healthcare Worker Salary, health care provision systems have been struggling to meet the demand. The new figures released by Healthcare Worker Salary reflect this modern reality, pointing to a wide range of opportunities for employment in the industry.

At the top end of the scale, highly qualified doctors continue to dominate the salary rankings. The average radiologist salary in 2014, for example, exceeds ten times the median income in the United States for those with some college education. Other doctors fare even better, according to Healthcare Worker Salary, making those professions some of the most lucrative in the country which require advanced education and training.

At the same time, there are plenty of extremely attractive opportunities for those with less in the way of educational attainment. Nurses of many sorts continue to be among the most highly demanded workers in the U.S. and Canada, and their salaries reflect this fact. The statistics compiled by Healthcare Worker Salary also show continued strength in a wide variety of health care careers which require only relatively short courses of study or even none at all. Medical technicians and technologists of all stripes typically command salaries far higher than peers with analogous levels of education in other industries, as well as commensurate job security.

"Our new survey shows that the American dream is still very much alive, having only switched tracks to an extent," Benson concluded, "and the outlook is just as bright for those in the United Kingdom and Canada. We're happy to be able to make this resource available to people planning for new careers and committed to keeping it as timely and current as possible." The statistics just compiled and published by Healthcare Worker Salary are available, entirely free of charge, at A number of tools and guides there also help visitors narrow down and filter the data on offer.

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