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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2014 -- Healthier Life Supplements is an American company that delivers top quality diet solutions for people who would like to reduce their weight and live a healthier life. The amazing Pure White Mulberry Leaf Extract is offered now at a new sale price of only $23.95.

Although White Mulberry is among the most recently discovered diet supplements, it already became popular around the world due to its amazing benefits that not only help people reduce unwanted weight, but improve their overall health too. Read their Pure White Mulberry | White Mulberry Leaf Extract 5 star review on

This supplement reduces the blood sugar levels, which leads to their normalization and prevention of diseases like high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. The special DHJ compound that White Mulberry contains prevents sugar absorption by the blood. Instead, the supplement eliminates the excess sugar from the body.

Another benefit of the White Mulberry that promotes easier weight loss and good health is prevention of fat accumulation in the body. This supplement is an effective fat blocker that enables people to naturally lose weight.

It is high in fibers and naturally suppresses the appetite. People who have problems with frequent cravings or emotional eating, are happy to find out that they have no more problems with these harmful habits that lead to obesity. Moreover, it helps the body to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol, improving the quality of life.

The special substance called Moranoline, which the product contains, does not allow maltose, sucrose, complex carbohydrates, and starches to turn into glucose. In addition, a powerful antioxidant called Reservatol is found in White Mulberry, which promotes oxygen use by muscles and improves endurance. Instead of storing glucose into fat, the muscles absorb it effectively, turning it into calories. This helps individuals to lose weight efficiently without fasting or strict diet regime.

Knowing all these benefits of high quality Pure White Mulberry, Healthier Life Supplements gives an opportunity to many more people to get and try this amazing diet solution. It is going to help them maintain a healthy diet and weight and will protect their immune system from various conditions.

A new sale price is announced by Healthier Life Supplements that enables customers around the world to save $33 per bottle of 60 capsules, paying only $23.95 for it. Free shipping is available for Amazon Prime customers with purchases of over $35. This beneficial offer is time limited and available only till the end of September.

The recommended dose of this supplement is two capsules per day for obtaining maximum benefits and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is generously offered by the company to ensure full customer satisfaction.

People, who would like to try it at the low price offered by Healthier Life Supplements for this top rated product, can order Pure White Mulberry Leaf Extract at Healthier Life Supplements listing on

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Part of their mission statement at Healthier Life Supplements is to offer the best quality Weight Loss and Diet solutions. They are committed to providing the best customer service and after sales support to all their valued customers.

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