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Vilnius, Lithuania -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2013 -- is a Lithuanian online store that offers electronic cigarettes for customers looking for a healthier alternative to smoking. It offers quality products to customers that match up to their expectations. The eGo starter kit offered by the company is an Electronic Cigarette Kit that has lately gained popularity.

An electronic cigarette or e-cig is a smokeless cigarette and a battery-operated device. It emulates cigarette smoking. When you switch on the device, the atomizer vaporizes nicotine, the so called ‘e-liquid’, and changes it into something similar to smoke, which the user breathes in. Using an electronic cigarette is referred to as ‘vaping’. The prime benefit of using an e-cigarette is that it does not contain tobacco. offers some flavored filling into the electronic cigarette making it the choicest option in the market.

The e- cigarette offered by the company is not for sale for those below the age of eighteen. The products offered by are safe and reliable. The e-cigarette comprises of different parts namely a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, e-liquid, portable charging case, cartomizer, and LED. The major part of the e-cigarette is its battery that determines how one can vape before re-charging. E-liquid used in the e-cigarette is made from propylene glycol that is mixed with other ingredients. It has to be refilled, and it comes in a range of flavors like cinnamon, grape, menthol, watermelon, vanilla, and atomic fireball along with different flavors similar to cigarette brands. will offer eGo starter kit to its customers through its online store. There are also gift vouchers with each purchase that can be obtained by filling a form online. The eGo starter kit offered by the company contains 5 reusable atomizer helping you save money. It is composed by lithium-ion battery, tank cartridge, and atomizer. This new product from satisfies the chronic smoker and helps them give up smoking.

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About is an online store that markets e-cigarettes. It offers high quality accessories that come with the eGo starter kit.

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