Healthierpost Inc Announces up to 66% Discount on Hormone Free Hcg Drops


Tucson, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2012 -- In contrast with expensive HCG shots in clinics, HealthierPost has launched oral HCG Drops as an alternative. The website also announced up to 66% discount making the alternative even more compelling to diet enthusiasts.

Dr Simeon’s research in HCG Diet only revealed the benefits of HCG. The original modes of administering involved a series of medically supervised series of injections. In contrast to this painful, difficult and expensive way of ingestion, HealthierPost marketed hormone-free oral HCG drops are found to be as effective yet easy to use without any medical supervision. “We are so confident in the efficacy of Oral HCG Drops and HCG Diet that we offer 100% money back guarantee” says company spokesperson Mr Lee.

The site already features some market leading features such as access to HealthierPost download vault, Quality Guarantee, Lowest price guarantee and discreet, free shipping. “Our proprietary HCG Drops are HPUS approved and are certified for natural formula. They have been found to be safe for men and women and are backed by raving reviews. With our research we have come with a very versatile HCG Diet protocol supplement which will suit most lifestyles” explained Mr Lee to question of quality differentiation for their products.

As per the reviews on the site the diet virtually guarantees people to lose over a pound of fat daily without any exercise. Dietician Mica Ross confirms positive attributes of Healthier HCG Drops – essentially HCG recalibrates metabolism and alters the way it store and distribute fat, she says. “Consumers should not just rely on Dr Oz recommendation. All HCG diets are not the same. The product is backed by positive substantial research, medical studies and scientific findings with respect to improving overall health. We also follow GMP guidelines of FDA” says Mr Lee.

The latest version of the website also features a very active public forum and blog. Apart from Healthier HCG Diet the consumers also have choice of choosing among all Dr Oz recommended Diet products and beauty treatments.

About HealthierPost’s HCG Drops is a US based company in health and wellness space. The company is primarily focused on Diet products, skin and hair-fall treatments and anti-ageing. Healthier HCG Diet is company’s proprietary product and has won critical acclaim in leading health forums and diet enthusiasts.

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